Top 5 Tuesday || Witches

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Which witch belongs at the top of the list?

Really, it’s a tough question to answer, especially when I scoured my shelf for witches and came up with an embarrassingly low crop. I sure love writing about witches, but I guess I haven’t read about as many as I thought!

Today’s post covers my absolute favorites of them, though, all thanks to Meeghan @ Meeghan Reads! She’s setting the T5T prompts these days, and she’s doing an outstanding job!

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Harrow the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir

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Harrow the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir

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She answered the Emperor’s call.

She arrived with her arts, her wits, and her only friend.

In victory, her world has turned to ash.

After rocking the cosmos with her deathly debut, Tamsyn Muir continues the story of the penumbral Ninth House in Harrow the Ninth, a mind-twisting puzzle box of mystery, murder, magic, and mayhem. Nothing is as it seems in the halls of the Emperor, and the fate of the galaxy rests on one woman’s shoulders.

Harrowhark Nonagesimus, last necromancer of the Ninth House, has been drafted by her Emperor to fight an unwinnable war. Side-by-side with a detested rival, Harrow must perfect her skills and become an angel of undeath — but her health is failing, her sword makes her nauseous, and even her mind is threatening to betray her.

Sealed in the gothic gloom of the Emperor’s Mithraeum with three unfriendly teachers, hunted by the mad ghost of a murdered planet, Harrow must confront two unwelcome questions: is somebody trying to kill her? And if they succeeded, would the universe be better off?


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Pub Day Prophecies || October 2020

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October 2020 keeps marching on, and I know a lot of you are looking forward to the height of spooky season! Before that arrives, though, take a breather and check out some of the books hitting shelves this month. Some of them might even be perfect for setting the spooky season mood! 👻

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Weekly Wrap || October 17th, 2020

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October 17th, 2020

Yes, we are halfway through October, and no, as of this Weekly Wrap, I still do not have my October bullet journal set up. Someone come and poke me with a stick until I get it done, please? Or we might move into November with nothing but sketches on the page. Yikes. 😱

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Top 5 Tuesday || Ghosts

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BOO! Are you scared yet?

Probably not, since I’m hardly the intimidating sort. If I was a ghost, I’d be Casper (adorable and non-threatening, despite any attempts otherwise). The ghosts I’m talking about for Top 5 Tuesday, though? Well, some of them are definitely spookier than I am!

And of course, you can thank Meeghan @ Meeghan Reads for this month’s T5T prompts! She’s been a stellar host so far, and hopefully she doesn’t mind me squishing two rounds of T5T into one day! 🧡

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Top 5 Tuesday || Black and Orange Books

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Spooky season is well and truly upon us!

And I’ll admit I’m not a huge fan, but that’s a discussion for another time. For now, we just need to worry about the new Top 5 Tuesday prompts Meeghan @ Meeghan Reads has set! She’s kicking things off with black and orange books, and charmingly, I am…a whole week late.

But this means you get a T5T double feature, so how’s that for bad timing turned good timing, huh? Happy haunting! 🖤🧡

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A Golden Fury by Samantha Cohoe

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A Golden Fury by Samantha Cohoe

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Thea Hope longs to be an alchemist out of the shadow of her famous mother. The two of them are close to creating the legendary Philosopher’s Stone—whose properties include immortality and can turn any metal into gold—but just when the promise of the Stone’s riches is in their grasp, Thea’s mother destroys the Stone in a sudden fit of violent madness.

While combing through her mother’s notes, Thea learns that there’s a curse on the Stone that causes anyone who tries to make it to lose their sanity. With the threat of the French Revolution looming, Thea is sent to Oxford for her safety, to live with the father who doesn’t know she exists.

But in Oxford, there are alchemists after the Stone who don’t believe Thea’s warning about the curse—instead, they’ll stop at nothing to steal Thea’s knowledge of how to create the Stone. But Thea can only run for so long, and soon she will have to choose: create the Stone and sacrifice her sanity, or let the people she loves die.

DISCLAIMER: I received an eARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review as part of the A Golden Fury blog tour hosted by Wednesday Books.



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Storm the Earth by Rebecca Kim Wells

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Storm the Earth by Rebecca Kim Wells

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Let them burn.

Maren’s world was shattered when her girlfriend, Kaia, was abducted by the Aurati. After a daring rescue, they’ve finally been reunited, but Maren’s life is still in pieces: Kaia seems more like a stranger than the lover Maren knew back home; Naava, the mother of all dragons, has retreated into seclusion to recover from her wounds, leaving Maren at a loss on how to set the rest of the dragons free; and worst of all, her friend Sev has been captured by the emperor’s Talons.

As a prisoner of Zefed, Sev finds himself entangled in a treacherous game of court politics. With more people joining the rebellion, whispers of a rogue dragon mistress spreading, and escape seeming less likely with each passing day, Sev knows that it won’t be long before the emperor decides to make an example of him. If he’s to survive, he’ll have to strike first—or hope Maren reaches him in time.

With the final battle for Zefed looming, Maren must set aside her fears, draw upon all she’s learned about her dragon-touched abilities, and face her destiny once and for all. But when the fighting is over and the smoke clears, who will be left standing?

DISCLAIMER: I received an eARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.



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Pub Day Prophecies || September 2020

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So maybe we’ve moved past the need for September 2020. I have, for the most part. It didn’t bring us very much good, and I’m ready to start a fresh new year by now.

But if a crystal ball doesn’t show the future, it ought to show its reflection, so first, we’re going to take a look back at the books that hit shelves last month! It’s never too late to give them some love, right?

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