Weekly Wrap || June 9th

Weekly Wrap

WOW, it’s been a busy week. I feel like there’s just so much to cover!

Life Beyond the Blog

For starters, my little brother graduated high school! That’s been really neat, but also really hectic, what with graduation, his grad party, and all the college prep my parents are relying on me to help with since I’ve already been down this road. Still, I’ve managed to keep up with the blog, and even find a tiny bit of extra time for blog hopping, and time for both reading and some video games I’ve been itching to play.

I’ve also been working on my Spanish! I enjoy learning languages (I’m a classics major after all, so my Latin’s sharp and my ancient Greek is…well, less sharp), so I told myself this summer I’d go back to Spanish, since I stopped after two years of it in high school. Duolingo has been awesome for it, because that ten minutes every night is great for getting it into my brain. I can’t wait to get farther along and get beyond the basic vocab and present tense!

Posts This Week

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It’s been one of my busier weeks for blogging, and along the way, I’ve reached almost 50 followers here, and about the same on Twitter! Thanks so much, you guys!

The Week Ahead

I’m never not busy, it seems! This week, I need to tackle a whole host of things, including reading a friend’s first draft, writing at least 2 <4k personal projects, visiting the library, and prepping for Camp NaNo! I’m hoping to do 50k this July on one of the projects nearest and dearest to my heart, and another 50k on a different dear project in August.

Basically, I’m buried in WIPs, but I’M GETTING THERE. It’s my aim to be ready to query before the end of the year, and even though it seems like there’s a long road ahead, I just have to start. That’s the hardest part of it, but I think I’m ready. And if I’m not, then I work until I am. No giving up now.

Beyond that, though, I get a week of down time before my family dives back into the madness of preparing for my brother’s grad party, so I’m going to take what I can get before the house cleaning madness begins.


I hope your week has been as good as mine, and that your next week is just as great! Have a nice Saturday, folks!

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