Weekly Wrap || June 16th

Weekly Wrap

Life just doesn’t slow down, huh? Since last week, there’s been a lot going on, so I’ll try and wrap it up nice and neat here!

Life Beyond the Blog

Whew! One week of lessened chaos as we hit the in-between space between graduation and the grad party for my brother. It’s been good for writing (I’ve clocked in close to about 10k or so on various projects), and great for the library. I didn’t take any books home this week since I have a tall TBR, but I did donate some books I don’t read any more, which always feels good.

On top of that, I’ve been bonding some more with my little tiny bunny, the words gremlin in training, and she finally trusts me enough to lie down next to me with her feet out! It’s a huge victory because I’ve had her for two and a half years almost, and she is incredibly skittish. Until the last couple of weeks, she mostly only sniffed around me and then ran away, but that’s starting to change. It makes me so happy that she finally feels safe enough to let her nervous bunny guard down around me!

Squirt Lying Down

She even let me get a picture!

Oh, and my sister and I watched the new season of Voltron, so I’ll probably talk about that some time this coming week, too. Don’t check that post out unless you’re up for spoilers, tbh. I suspect I’m going to get wordy and very specific.

Posts This Week

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Plus, Evelina @ Avalinah’s Books released her new blogger feature yesterday, and I’m in it! Thanks again for featuring me, Evelina! ♥

The Week Ahead

And it’s back to the madness! It’ll be a lot of housecleaning and visiting with the family, between Father’s Day tomorrow and that grad party next Saturday. Expect a quiet blog and a little less blog hopping until life gets under control, but also a scheduled review, an ARC review, and a personal favorite topic on Friday.

I’m also hoping to outline my NaNo projects this week, and maybe even to get a word count calendar set up. I’m more plotter than pantser, and can’t go in unprepared, no way. Gotta have all my ducks in a row before I start, thank you very much.


I hope everyone has had a good week, and has a good week to come! And now that I think about it, happy summer! It’s almost officially here!

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      1. She is!! I used to have a black bunny growing up.. we had it for a couple of years but alas we had to give him up as mom was having constant urinary infections :/

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