Weekly Wrap || June 23rd

Weekly Wrap


Man, I have been waiting to get past this grad stuff. It’s way too much for me and my introvert soul.

Life Beyond the Blog

Like I predicted last week, it’s been absolutely hectic this week with Father’s Day and that grad party. There’s been almost no time for anything, and my time for reading and writing has tanked. Plus my family is all stressed as we get ready, so tempers are a little short right now. I genuinely can’t wait to move onto something a little less stressful because this is way too much and it’s not making fam relations any easier.

On top of that, everyone in the family keeps losing things. We’re all missing keys or other bits and bobs and can’t remember where they went, and it’s getting frustrating. I’m starting to wonder if there’s a key gremlin out there causing us all kinds of suffering. Maybe it’s possible. We don’t normally lose stuff this often.

Posts This Week

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The Week Ahead

NaNo approaches! I need to finish my last bits of prep, like some neat character notes and of course some playlisting and Pinterest boarding, but I’m feeling pretty confident in tackling it this summer. For July, I’m planning to focus on my witches project, and then my pirates and mermaids in August, so we’ll see how that pans out! I want to have finished drafts by the end of the year, and even better, edited drafts that I’m ready to start querying with. It’s a long way away still, but the steps are starting to feel manageable (at least until I jump in, haha).

This also means I have done A TON of blog prep work in advance so that there will still be content all through next month! I might be a little sparse on the blog hopping, but I’ll try to be around in between writing and (oh dear) maybe working on getting my driver’s license.

True story, I still don’t have it because driving anxiety is HORRIBLE. But I’m working on it.

Looks like the week ahead maybe won’t be as stress-free as I was hoping, but I think I can grin and bear it. And hey, here’s to a stress-free week for you! Hope your Saturday’s been great, and the coming week treats you right. See you around!

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