Writing Wednesday || Camp NaNo Prep

Writing Wednesday

It’s here, it’s almost here! Camp NaNo is almost upon us!

Has the terror set in for you yet? It has for me.

I’m so excited AND terrified because I adore my projects, but Camp NaNo has never been kind to me. I honestly can’t explain how I can do 50k in 30 days around all my school and work responsibilities in November, but can’t manage 30k in the summer when I’m unemployed and not writing any essays at all.

Life’s weird like that. Writing’s weird like that.

BUT WE PERSIST. And that means I’m ready to tackle not one, but TWO whole projects, doing a double Camp in July AND August. For this coming month, I’m going to be tackling my untitled witchy WIP. It has rune magic, girls who love girls, storms, family drama, metal magic, and really cool forests. Oh, and it’s a witchy school. Think a darker Little Witch Academia tbh. OH. And there’s murder. Fantasy murder.

And then my August WIP with a secret title and the affectionate code name Sea Gays really suits that end of summer vibe, since it’s mermaids and pirates versus literal gods in the heart of a desert, all with a healthy dose of luck magic, stubborn defiance, more girls who love girls, and the possibility of a terrible joke that starts out “so a pirate, a princess, and a sharkslayer walk into a bar,” which delights me to no end even though there’s no punchline, whoops. Also, no one can dance but they try anyway, bless them for giving it a shot.

At the moment, I have a bare outline for Sea Gays, plus a fun little guide to the setting that’s inspired by the way Pokémon games lay out their regions, while the witchy WIP has only the region guide and some general notes. I’m hoping to finish setting up outlines by the end of the month, but the nice thing is that both of these WIPs have previous drafts that I can consult, so I’m not totally in trouble if my outlines aren’t done, because  I know what work during the last draft and what really didn’t. There’s trial and error ahead, I’m sure, but I have a little comfort knowing that these are both in round two.

I also have almost all my characters figured out except for that pesky Sea Gays princess, who refuses to tell me her name and insists on being called by a placeholder name instead. She’ll give in eventually, though. Everybody needs a name. EVERYONE.

Oh, and my goal for both months is…brace yourselves…I bite off more than I can chew like this very often…


Which basically means my social interaction is going to plummet, send help. But then again, I’ve done 50k in a month three times now, so this isn’t too out of line. It’s just a matter of sticking to it. It also means I have a stretch goal of finishing the drafts (which should clock in closer to 80k when complete) this summer, which would be amazing if I can pull it off. I’m not banking on it, but I’m certainly not discounting it.

Good luck to anyone else doing NaNo, and if I’m hard to find for a couple months, now you know why! I’ll see you all on the flipside with two shiny new drafts, and once a week, I’ll also provide some updates on where I’m at (and maybe some fun behind the scenes content oooooh). Happy Camp NaNo, everyone!

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  1. You know I’m all about gay pirates, but damn girl, 100k in two months??!! ( I think I already yelled at you for the absurdity but if anyone can do it, you can <3 )

    But seriously, if you ever need a second pair of eyes for witchy WIP or Sea Gays I am there for you. (just give them to me already this is pure torture!!)

    I'm going to be working on my Curse project. I've got a fantastic novel planner and A LOT of sticky notes. 30 minutes a day, here I come!!

    Great post!

    1. It’s so absurd but here we are anyway lol.

      And I appreciate the support so much!! You know I’m here for you on Curse, too, storm of sticky notes and all. You’re gonna crush that goal! ❤

  2. The little synopses you included for each of your stories are so lovely. Your WIPs sounded incredible and I’m really excited for you! I wish you the best of luck in your writing endeavors for NaNo!!

  3. Good luck for Camp NaNo! I only ever did the November version, because I just can’t really do it in the summer with all the time either. It’s weird how life works like that. Your projects sound super interesting 😀 I’ve created some write tags on my blog, I would love if you would take part in those someday. If you like, I can also tag you in whichever ones I create next?

    1. Thanks so much! I’m hoping it goes as well as November usually does. Fingers crossed.

      And oh man, yes, you’re more than welcome to tag me in any more you end up doing! Hopefully my projects will still sound super interesting even if I gush about them in a tag, haha.

      1. I find that most people’s always sound interesting the more I find out about them! Everyone is just so creative, I cannot even. I had a couple seasonal ones, which probably aren’t right for you, but the Milestones Tag is one I already created if you ever feel like doing it. Otherwise I’ll make sure to tag you for new ones 😀

          1. So true! Everyone is just SO creative!!
            And I totally understand. I hope I won’t forget, but I’ll try and tag you for the next one as best as I can. These tags are amazing insights for characters.

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