Writing Wednesday || Camp NaNo Check-In #1

Writing Wednesday

It’s a beautiful day in July, and OH MY GOD, WE’RE FOUR DAYS INTO CAMP NANO.

As if being four days into Camp NaNo wasn’t daunting enough, though, I changed my project.

Yes, you heard me. After all my careful planning, I changed my project. Someone needs to stop me. Or don’t, I guess, because I’m really excited about this one! I set my witchy story aside for this because it has one of my favorite OCs of all time, some excellent drama, an opportunity for a classic “we’re sparring but also flirting” scene, and BETRAYAL. There’s a lot going on, and I don’t really have 100% of an idea where it’s supposed to go, but it’s been hitting the page relatively smoothly, so I’m gonna trust it and go! For now, it’s going to be called my Pool WIP because, well, there is a very important pool in it. Not a swimming pool. Like a dangerous fantasy pool. That kind of pool.

Current Word Count

So far, I’m at 3,174 words out of 50k! This only includes my word count up through Tuesday, though, since I need to do my words for today still.

Favorite Line

“The ruins of Alden Keep were known to eat men alive.”

This is my current first line, and I’m very pleased with it, which is nice. I’m always very picky about first lines.

Character of the Week

Zera! She’s the OC I mentioned above, and I’ve been refining her for years now. She holds a really special place in my heart, and I’m so excited to finally find a home for her. In the past, I tried fitting her into different stories, but she never quite seemed at ease in any of them. This is the one, though. This is the story that’s going to take my knife-happy thief to new heights. This is the story that’s going to force her to choose between herself and her family. This is the story that’s going to give her the greatest chance for growth. I really couldn’t be more pleased that I’ve finally found her fiction forever home.

Goals for This Week

I’m aiming to reach 15k before I check in again next Wednesday! That’s slightly over a quarter of the way there, but if my excitement for this project holds, I think it’s going to be super doable.

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  1. AAAH, what!? You changed your project – what a brave choice! I hope you keep loving it, you’ve written a great hook of a first line. I am going to be rooting for you the rest of Camp NaNo 😀

      1. It’s probably a bit of both, but what’s the point of working on a WIP you are currently not passionate about. Especially when you know there’s something else that interests you more at the moment!

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