Weekly Wrap || July 7th

Weekly Wrap

That’s one week of July down for the count. Time really does fly, huh?

Life Beyond the Blog

This week started strong. I switched my NaNo project from one idea to the other, which was a big but satisfying jump, and I’ve logged just over 10k so far, which is really satisfying. It must be a good sign if I can put out 10k in a little under a week, especially if I found time to do it around spending time with family I have a rocky relationship with.

But this week also hit a snag that’s been keeping me from being very active in commenting outside of comments on my own blog here. One of my pets gave me a health scare on Wednesday night, and with it being the 4th of July, all the vets nearby that I would dare trust with my rabbits’ health were closed. We got him in on Thursday, thankfully, and while it’s not as serious as we thought it was, he still has to be under close observation while he heals so he doesn’t get any worse. He’s a bit on the old side, at seven years, so everything’s an effort. So far, it looks like he’ll heal up, but until I’m certain of that, I suspect I won’t be online nearly as much as I’d like to be.

Posts This Week

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The Week Ahead

Like I said, looking after my rabbit is going to take up a lot of my time, and NaNo is absolutely a given. But I’m hoping to get a special review up next week in addition to the one that’s already scheduled, and I’m really hoping I can tackle some of the biggest books on my physical TBR. A Conjuring of Light and Seraphina are at the top of the list, and after that, the whole of Libba Bray’s The Diviners series. Maybe it’s a little ambitious, but after reading 13 books in June, I feel like I at least have to try to read a fair bit in July, even with NaNo to worry about.


I hope everyone’s had a good week and has something to look forward to in the days ahead!

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