Friday for Funsies || Blog Party!!!

Friday for Funsies

“What the heck is a blog party?” you might be asking yourself right now. I honestly asked myself that question when I came up with the idea. Thankfully, it’s easy to answer, and keeps today’s post short and sweet (and fun)!

When I say blog party, what I really mean is that I’m asking you to get excited about blogging. What’s your favorite thing about it? What are you looking forward to for upcoming blog features, whether on your blog or someone else’s? And (most important!), which blogs do you recommend? Today is about what you think, not what I think, so put it all in the comments, and let’s go! We’ll get some blog appreciation going on here, share the love, rec some good blogs, and have a good time!

Short, sweet, and fun, like I said. Happy Friday!

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