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Weekly Wrap || July 14th

Weekly Wrap

It’s the halfway point of the month, and I’m not sure if I’ve done a lot in two weeks, or not nearly enough.

Life Beyond the Blog

There is nothing but paint in my life right now. Endless paint.

I recently decided to repaint my room and right the wrongs made by 13 year-old me when she painted the place DARK BLUE, so now everything is red and white! I still have to touch up the trim and stuff (none of the painting tape stuck so my lines are BAD and my baseboard is a WRECK, send help), but thank goodness, it’s mostly done otherwise. It’s really lightened the space up a lot, and in moving things around in order to paint everything, I’ve also been able to get rid of some stuff I no longer want. I even cleared out my bookshelves, and made a library run to donate them, which felt really good. On the whole, for a week’s worth of intense work, my room now feels much more me, and I’m really happy.

Really, the only downside here is that I feel like I’m going to smell paint in my dreams long after I’ve aired the room out. Plus, I’ve had so little time to read or write. It’s a tragedy, to be honest.

Posts This Week

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The Week Ahead

READING. And writing. I’m really behind in Camp NaNo, and even worse, I’ve gone a whole half the month without reading a single book. It’s just been writing and painting chaos. So hopefully this week, I can kick back in my freshly painted room and plow through a few novels. Hopefully. That, and I have some TV to catch up on, mostly One Day at a Time, which is soooooooooooooo good I can’t believe I didn’t start watching it sooner. I’ve finished season one and can’t wait to start season two!


On the whole, it’s been super busy, and I’m super worn out. But it’s over, and a new week is ahead! I hope your week was good to you, and hopefully less busy than mine!

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