Writing Wednesday || Camp NaNo Check-In #3

Writing Wednesday

The halfway mark is behind me now, and somehow, that’s almost scarier than when I started, oh man.

Switching my project and painting my room really has made NaNo really stressful, no lie. I have way too much to do and not enough time to do it. I’m not even at the halfway mark, so I have about 6k worth of catch-up to do before I’m on even on track.

Thankfully, switching my project has allowed me to work on more of what I have planned and what I want to work on, so I think if I sit down and really stick to it, I can make up that 6k no problem. I think.

Because of being behind, I really don’t have a whole lot else to say, and I should be writing. I suppose I should go get to that now, shouldn’t I?

Also? Sorry about the goof. I drafted this and it looks like it didn’t save for some reason, so if you saw this when it was an empty mess…we’re not gonna talk about it. Shhhhh…

Current Word Count

23,592 of 50k

Goals for This Week

Reach 40,000 words!

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  1. I am sure you can still catch up. You just need a good day and you can probably write half of the word count you are behind on. I am here rooting for youuuu!

  2. I totally believe in you! You’ve already written such an impressive amount <3 I'm always saying I'll start a NaNoWriMo and never getting around to it — so you're already ahead of me, haha. You can do it 😀

    1. Thanks, Joanna! I think I can do it if I just double down and get going. That’s the trick most of the time.

      And hey, at least start a NaNo project! I totally recommend it, because even if you don’t reach your word goal, as long as you start, you have more words than you did before! 😁

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