Writing Wednesday || Camp NaNo Check-In #4

Writing Wednesday

One week left, which means it’s time for EMERGENCY FICTION MANEUVERS.

Switching my project early on and then finding out that I need an outline to continue it has really forced me to scramble for words wherever I can find them. But I’m doing it! Bit by bit, I’m cobbling it all together and having a blast in the process. Plus, next month, I’m tackling 50k words on a project that DOES have a plan, so I’m feeling pretty energized at the moment.

Anyway, it’s the home stretch! I’m almost to 50k! I think I have to write an average of a little over 1k a day at this point to reach my goal, too, which makes for easy, breezy writing. All in all, exciting, and I’ll be sure to make a complete Camp NaNo wrap up so you can see my stats as they stand at the end. Fingers crossed for 50k, huh?

Current Word Count

40683 of 50k

Goals for This Week

Reach 50k words!

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