Friday for Funsies || Books by the Sea

Friday for Funsies

We’re in the height of summer at this point, and WOW, it’s been hot out. I’ve actually been remembering to stay hydrated, I’ve been so thirsty, and honestly, I could real use with a cool breeze right now.

I could also stand a beach day, too. Or at least some chilling in a pool. Either way, I need something to beat the heat.

Maybe these books will help?

Seafire by Natalie C. Parker

Seafire Cover.jpg

Okay, so this doesn’t actually come out until the 28th this month, but I WANT IT SO BADLY. Books with lady pirates have my undivided attention, and I’ve heard there’s a sapphic couple in this book, which is even better. Plus that cover is super stunning and I’m already in love. I’ve just got to have this book!

These Rebel Waves by Sara Raasch

These Rebel Waves Cover

This is supposed to be a post about ocean books but it’s really quickly becoming a post about pirates. I will not apologize, though. Not for pirates. Never for more pirates. I’m super bummed I wasn’t able to get an ARC of this one, but it comes out on August 7th, and I’m going to go straight to the library and put in a request if they haven’t already got it on the shelves. I can never, ever get enough of pirates.

The Wicked Deep by Shea Ernshaw

The Wicked Deep

Okay, FINE, I’ll get away from the pirates awhile and give you a book I have read: The Wicked Deep. This book was a 5 star for me, and the atmosphere is positively haunting. It’s got the Pacific Northwest eeriness down to a science, and I love it, so, so much. Plus the cover is lovely and shimmery in person! Well worth the time to read, and even if it’s better for the beginning of summer, since it’s set before the summer solstice, it’s still a fantastic read now.


What books revolve around the ocean that you’d recommend? What’s a girl got to do to beat the summer heat? Save me, folks. I’m melting and I need a good book.

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      1. That is a fair assessment! I am only about 16% or so in from what I remember and am kind of settling into the story a bit, but after the prologue I was lost in a sea of worldbuilding and backstory and characters and it was a lot. It’s beautifully written though!

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