Weekly Wrap || August 4th

Weekly Wrap

It’s normal to finish one giant project and leap immediately into the next, right?


Life Beyond the Blog

Because I absolutely cannot be stopped, and in case you haven’t heard, I’m doing 50k words for August, on top of the 50k I clocked for July! This time, I don’t think I’ll switch projects, since I actually have a plan going in. Of course, I may have just jinxed that, but shhhhhh. Let me dream of logging 50k on a single draft of something.

Besides that, the week has been a little on the dull side! I haven’t had any pressing things to do beyond Camp NaNo, and it’s been chill as a result. My little brother did get his wisdom teeth out, though, so that was a good bit of entertainment while the anesthetic was still wearing off. He’s already funny when he’s just himself, so he was extra funny for a couple hours after the surgery.

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The Week Ahead

Now we’re getting busy! I’m going to try to listen to a bunch of TAZ episodes so I can finish the Balance campaign this month (shhhh, no spoilers, I’ve only finished the Eleventh Hour arc), and on the 10th, the seventh season of Voltron comes out, so I’ll definitely be watching that. I also need to go see The Darkest Minds in theaters (I can’t go until Monday at the earliest and it’s a tragedy), and on top of that, I’m aiming to break the first 10k on this month’s project by Wednesday. That, and somewhere in here, I have books to read. My physical TBR is down to six books, and I want to get them all out of the way before I return to campus on the 28th. The fewer heavy books I have to carry with me that day, the better.


Hope your week’s been kind to you, and I’ll see you around!

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