Top 5 Tuesday || Top 5 Books Read as an ARC

Top 5 Tuesday

After not participating in T5T (hosted by Shanah @ Bionic Bookworm)for a while, I’m back with my top 5 ARCs!

Granted, I haven’t received many, but these are the ones I enjoyed the most.

Shadow of the Fox Cover

Shadow of the Fox by Julie Kagawa

THIS ONE WAS SO GOOD. Seriously, I think it’s my only solid 5 star ARC so far, and I’m really looking forward to getting a copy myself. I’ve already asked my library to get a copy, too!

Strange Grace Cover

Strange Grace by Tessa Gratton

This was a 4 star read! It was really well-written, and definitely unusual in an excellent way. I don’t think I’ve ever read anything quite like it before.

The Lantern's Ember Cover

The Lantern’s Ember by Colleen Houck

This one clocked in at 3.5 stars, and had the most gorgeous world (plus an amazing cover, holy smokes)! I only dropped the rating because of some things that didn’t agree with me particularly re: the romance, but I’m ridiculously picky about romance.

Beneath the Citadel Cover

Beneath the Citadel by Destiny Soria

Another 3.5 star read! This had a really cool magic system that I would love to see more of, a resolution that shocked me, and an asexual character, which delighted me on a deep personal level.

Salt Cover

Salt by Hannah Moskowitz

This one was 3 stars. I’m in love with the cover, and the concept was amazing, amazing enough that I’d love to see a deeper, more actiony exploration of the world. The only reason it was a 3 star was because it was so heavily character driven that I didn’t enjoy it as much as I would have loved a book with a more tight-knit plot.


Hopefully in the future, I’ll have a wider variety of ARCs to choose from if this topic ever comes back again, and hopefully more of them will be closer to 5 stars. As it is, though, at least I have five!

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