Tidyathon Goals

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So, the lovely Clo @ Book Dragons has decided to do some blog tidying, and she’s invited the rest of the blogosphere to join in on neatening up. Since I think I might want to update some things, I’ve decided I might as well hop on board!

I’d like to think my blog and Goodreads account aren’t too messy, but there’s definitely work to do. Here’s what I’m going to try to tackle this month and possibly next month!

Blog Goals

Review Policy: I’m planning to start posting my reviews to retailers like Amazon or B&N, so I need to get those moved over. That’s probably a good 20 reviews or so, not counting ARCs.

ARC Reviews: I need to make reminders to post ARC reviews on the books’ release dates!

Rating Tags: I should tag all my reviews by the rating I’ve given them, probably for recommendation purposes.

Graphics: I have ZERO coherent graphics scheme on this blog. I kind of want to stick to the greenish color scheme, but I really want some watercolor graphics and such that actually have a solid theme.

Post Formatting: I need to use more images and dividers to neaten my posts up so they’re not just text. I think that would be a really handy change.

Social Links: Since I’ve started an Instagram, I really need a link here for it!

Reviews Coming Up: Oof. I have four reviews to write, and that number’s only going to grow as I read the five books still on my TBR for the month.

Blog Hop: I’ve been so busy that I haven’t really interacted much with the wider blogosphere. I need to go blog hopping and follow some new blogs!

Discussion Brainstorming: I want to produce more content than tags and reviews and weekly memes, so I should brainstorm some other posts.

Followers: I’d love to reach 150 by the end of the month, but I need to get engagement up if I want to do that. I’ve slowed down and usually only gain 2-5 followers a week on the blog.


Twitter Goals

Header: I just have a generic Twitter header, and I need one that actually reflects the blog! Gotta get that Words Gremlin branding all set up.

Following: I’m in the Discord server for new bloggers run by Evelina @ Avalinah’s Books, and I need to follow the rest of the members on Twitter still! It’s been slow going adding everyone because I keep forgetting.

Followers: I’m hoping to break 200 by the end of the month. As I write this, I’m at 160!


Goodreads Goals

Friends: I need to add the folks from the Discord server, but GR has a friend limit of 20 new friend requests a day. Working on that one day by day.

Genre and Star Rating Shelves: I’m not sure if I want to do this one or not. It might be more hassle than it’s worth.

About: My about is super basic and needs more character.


Instagram Goals

Following: Once again, working through the Discord server and following everyone! I keep getting capped, probably because I’m a new account.

New Photos: Since I return to campus on the 28th and can’t bring all my books (or my bunnies) with me, I need to take A TON of photos, enough to last me until I come home for Thanksgiving break in November. If I did my math right, I still need to take about 97 photos? Help.

Followers: I’d love to reach 50 or even 100 by the end of the month, but that’s not my priority.

Instagram Stories: I have NO CLUE what I’m doing with these. Send help. I want to learn what the hell is going on here and how to best make use of it.


DANG, that’s more than I realized. RIP me. Wish me luck getting all this done, and if you have ANY advice, hit me with it!

0 thoughts on “Tidyathon Goals

  1. *sends cookies and tea* MY GOD are you trying to kill yourself off with all these tasks, I thought I was bad haha. Watercolour graphics are so pretty, I can’t wait to learn how to actually make watercolour graphics but erm…that’ll come later haha.

    I have a twitter list for everyone on the server by the way, it needs updating but erm I do update it regularly when newbies join the chat


    There you go 🙂 You’ve made me realise I need to sort my tags out on my blog posts *sighs* I may get eaten alive at this rate haha 🙂 thanks for joining in

    1. Trust me, I am NOTHING if not a melodramatic overachiever who loves checklists. We’ll see how smoothly this goes, haha.

      Oh sweet! That’s a really helpful link, I’ll be sure to use that.

      Good luck with your tags! And thanks for setting this up! Just the motivation I need.

  2. I also need to clean up my blog. I do little things every so often, but most of the stuff on your list applies to me too… and Twitter? Don’t even get me started. My instagram is ok though!! 😅

    1. Thanks! And hmmmm, mostly just to follow authors you like, bloggers you like, and if someone isn’t making your feed a nice place, don’t follow them. Make it your experience! Beyond that, I’m still sort of testing the waters.

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