Weekly Wrap || August 25th

Weekly Wrap

And that’s it. Summer is over and school is coming. A moment of silence for all the time I wasted, please.

Life Beyond the Blog


I had my 21st birthday! I passed my driver’s test and got my license! I spent two days at my grandparents running a frustratingly slow garage sale! I started a new Stardew Valley file and fell back down that beautiful pixel rabbit hole!

Really, it’s been a lot. I haven’t read anything except a really REALLY bad murder mystery my family got me as a joke for my birthday, and I’ve mostly been at MAXIMUM LAZY since I have to get my butt in gear this week and can’t do max lazy anymore. So, not a productive week, but certainly a chill one, which I think I need before school starts.

Of course, I could have been using this week to accomplish Tidaython goals, but…shhhhhh…

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The Week Ahead


This coming week is for doing all the things. I aim to finish most of my Tidyathon goals, pack for school and successfully move in, celebrate my little brother’s birthday, queue three different posts, and take a TON of photos for my bookstagram so I have an image backlog before I leave. It’s going to require a lot of work, but since I’ve had this week to kick my heels up and relax, I think I can do it.

The biggest thing to do, though, is decide which books are coming to school with me before Monday evening. How am I supposed to choose?!


I hope you’ve had a great week, and your coming week isn’t filled with such difficult decisions as BOOKS like mine. Happy Saturday!

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