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Tidyathon Update

August 2018 Tidyathon

When Clo @ Book Dragons started the Tidyathon, I saw it, and I challenged myself to do A TON.

So let’s see where I’m at, about three weeks after taking up the challenge!


Review Policy: My policy has been updated, and my reviews have been moved, with the exception of ARCs still not out in the world yet! Goal complete!

ARC Reviews: Turns out I don’t need to set reminders about when to do this! NetGalley now sends out emails saying when books you’ve reviewed are available to review on retail sites, and I log into Edelweiss enough (and get so few books from there) that I don’t need a reminder. Goal technically complete!

Rating Tags: I wanted to tag all my reviews by star rating. Goal complete!

Graphics: I wanted a solid graphics scheme, and after spending a whole day doing graphics, I have one! Goal complete!

Post Formatting: I was planning to make dividers, but for now, all posts have been gently reformatted into something more uniform. I’m going to say this one is complete!

Social Links: I have my Instagram linked, as well as a link to Bloglovin’ up in the corner, in case some folks prefer that. Goal complete!

Reviews Coming Up: I’ve reviewed everything I’ve read at this point, and scheduled those reviews. Goal complete!

Blog Hop: I’ve been so strapped for time this still hasn’t happened, and I feel bad. This coming week, I’m going to try and travel the blogosphere, returning comments and finding new blogs. Goal incomplete.

Discussion Brainstorming: Again, in a time crunch, I still haven’t done this beyond one or two posts. Going to have to call this one incomplete.

Followers: Related to not blog hopping in part, I have not reached 150 followers yet. This wasn’t a major goal, and I’m not too worried about it. Is is, though, incomplete. 



Header: I’ve made a new header for the blog and sort of made it work for Twitter (Twitter kept resizing it poorly and wouldn’t fit the whole image in?), so technically, I did it! Goal complete!

Following: I have followed everyone from the New Bloggers Discord, and follow newbies every Friday. Goal complete!

Followers: Not only did I smash through 200 followers, I’m up to 260! Goal definitely complete!



Friends: I’m still adding people from the Discord server because of the friend cap GR has, so even though I’ve made progress, I’m not done. Goal incomplete.

Genre and Star Rating Shelves: Totally scrapped this idea. It’s too much work when most of my reviews end up on my blog, categorized with these tags anyway. Goal removed.

About: Tidied up my about by copy-pasting from my about page here! Goal complete!



Following: I’ve finished following everyone from Discord, and I’ll be adding new people every Friday! Goal complete!

New Photos: I’ve taken enough photos to get me through September, and I have a few for October. I am going to bring books with me to school as well as my props, since my collection fits in a single storage tub, so I’m going to say that this one is as good as done even though I don’t have photos all the way through November. Goal complete!

Followers: I’ve actually broken 100 a couple times (had a couple bots to block, a couple unfollowers, whatever, no sweat), so I’m pretty happy with that. Goal complete!

Instagram Stories: sort of understand these now. Not entirely (mine are really fuzzy, and I’m thinking it’s a problem with Android being used instead of Apple, but I don’t know for sure), but enough that I can functionally use them. Goal complete!


This means out of that giant list I made, out of twenty goals, I’ve accomplished fifteen, scrapped one, and have four left to tackle! I’m incredibly proud of myself, incredibly pleased. Definitely a great way to wrap up the month!

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    1. I’m in a couple different servers to stay connected with communities I’m a part of! Since it’s just a chat room function, but each server is closed except by invite, it’s a nice way to keep in touch with multiple people at once without using a public forum or something like that.

  1. well…I think I’ve the made the most progress on my graphics and sort of know what I’m doing with formatting posts now. Goodreads, Twitter and Instagram though are all still…going to murder me. I still have a ton of stuff to do on my blog too BUT I’m being a bad blogger and planning blogmas and blogoween xD I’m terrible, but I love your new graphics and the twitter banner there are set dimensions for it to get it to fit right if you google it… <3 so glad you've accomplished so much!

    1. Hey, having graphics and formatting taken care of is good, and it’s not bad blogging to be prepared for big events like that! You’ll get to GR, Twitter and Insta eventually!

      I’m so glad you like the graphics! I’m really happy with them. ❤ And I did Google the Twitter dimensions, but it still messed the header up when it was the right size. 🤔 It’s a real head scratcher.

      1. huh it doesn’t mess up on mine odd, lemme go find the dimensions I used *vanishes to find dimensions* ok so I work in pixels in terms of dimensions so in pixels my twitter banner is 5332 x 1849 (width x height) that’s in pixels.

        Aaaah true I just feel like I’ve not done much even though I actually have because of the graphics xD

    1. Thank you so much! I’m really pleased with myself, not going to lie. And hopefully those last four go well! I think I can take them slower at this point; did the others in a bit of a rush when I realized August was ending, haha.

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