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Not a Book

Last week, I made a post about art theft and how NOT to steal art, especially since it’s so easy to do unthinkingly. This week, I’m going to provide some nifty resources so you can do artsy things without stealing or spending a lot!

So, first thing’s first, I recommend reading that post I just linked up above. It’s got the basic how-to rundown on how to ask to use someone’s art, and what to do if they ask that you DON’T use their art. It might even cover some stuff that’s a little less well-known to folks, and it’s just good stuff to know.

If you’ve done that, though, let’s get down to business and share some resources!


Always check the license that comes with the free download! If you’re planning to use it for your blog and not to make money in any kind of way, usually free resources are okay. If you’re aiming to sell stuff while utilizing a resource, though, make sure the license allows you to do that. CreativeMarket’s license page isn’t a universal standard, but it gives you an idea of what to look for when you’re looking for the limits of your download license. Additionally, a lot of websites providing freebies will often have a link to their own license pages, so you can clarify each specific case.

And if you aren’t sure if your license allows you to make money using that design element, or if it says not to, then just don’t do it. There can absolutely be legal action if the creator of the element decides they want to take that route, and that’s no fun for you or for them. Play it safe if you aren’t sure or you definitely know better.


ANYWAYS, Looking for Fonts?

Try places like DaFont, Google Fonts, Font Squirrel, and Font Spring! Most of these places have a large selection of free to use fonts that you can download and then install on your computer for more variety in your graphic design. Very handy!

Don’t forget PixelSurplus’s freebies section, too. There’s usually a lot of fonts ready for free download there.


What About Icons?

I’ll confess I don’t have many resources here, but FlatIcon has cute vector icons (not all of which are free)!


I’m Looking for Textures!

Then look at Transparent Textures, Texture Mate, or Lost and Taken!


Can You Help Find Photos?

You bet! Check Morguefile, Pexels, or Unsplash! You can also do an advanced Google Image search that might lead you to more results. Search your term, then click Settings, followed by Advanced Settings, then scroll down to usage rights and select whichever option best fits your needs. I usually like “free to use share or modify” since I don’t sell anything, but like to edit my own banners and things for the blog. As always, though, double check the license when you find a resource you like.


Just Direct Me to the Catch-All Pile!

It’s a big pile. Get ready.

Creative Market has six new freebies every week, plus other paid resources!

Behance allows you to search for freebies!

Creative Tacos has a ton of stuff in all kinds of categories of design!

Watercolor PNG has some cool stuff. Occasionally there are freebies, but the other design elements can be affordable too!

Web Designer Depot is a graphic design freebie gold mine!

PixelSquid has 3D models, if that’s something you need?

Pixelbuddha has a freebie section as well!

Freebiesbug knows you need freebie web design resources!

Free Pretty Things for You is exactly what it says on the tin!

Mockup Zone provides mockups for previewing what products might look like, which might be handy on the commercial side of things!

Pixeden also has a ton of web design resources ready at hand!

Freepik is a great site for vector images!

Graphic Design Freebies has…you guessed it…more graphic design freebies!


How Do I Edit This Stuff???

Well, I’m not a ton of help here since I do have access to paid programs, but! Never fear, because I’m not leaving you hanging. Canva is a simple and free resource that has basic image editing, so I highly recommend starting there. It’s pretty easy to learn to use, and also has some free resources available from within its editing program, which opens right in your web browser.


I hope this helps you find the resources you need without bringing you too close to misusing art that isn’t yours! And of course, if there are helpful resources I’ve missed, please tell me, and I’ll edit them into the post. More resources for everyone!

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