Friday for Funsies || Favorite Series

Friday for Funsies

I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve had a book-related Friday for Funsies post, so it’s clearly time to get back to it!

Today, we’re talking series!

It’s probably a hotbed of debate in the bookish community, if my conversations with my family are anything to go by: do you prefer series, or stand-alones? Or series books that can be read as stand-alones? Duologies, trilogies, or more? As far as I can tell, there’s a lot of different answers to this question.

Personally, I’m a short series kind of gal. Duologies or trilogies at most, unless the books are really damn good. My mom likes to argue with me on this: she’s all for stand-alones (with the exception of series that are already finished by the time she gets into them). So today, we’ll cover series, and in the future, we’ll talk stand-alones, because they all have their gems.

Some of my personal favorite series include…

The Witchlands Series

I love this series so much that I’ve already pre-ordered my copy of Bloodwitch, due in February! The magic system is fascinating to me, and I’m super attached to Iseult, Vivia, and Ryber, my favorite characters of the series. Also, the mythical creatures in this series are SO GOOD. Sea foxes, anyone?


The Shades of Magic Series

Here it is. My favorite series of all time, and the inspiration behind the possible future tattoo I might get. If I think a series is good enough to warrant a tattoo, I mean it; wouldn’t confront my fear of needles for anything less than something amazing. But hey, it’s VE Schwab, and she’s just magic. I adore her prose, her worldbuilding, her characters, her everything. No one else has written books I’m so easily immersed in, I think.


The Lockwood and Co. Series

Looking for fun and spooky? The Lockwood and Co series is fantastic! It features kids hunting ghosts in London, and the character dynamics have me IN LOVE, plus some A+ wit. It’s also a complete series, so you don’t have to worry about waiting for the next one to come out! You may have to worry about not sleeping, though, if ghosts make you skittish.


The Gentleman Bastard Sequence

One day, hopefully this seven book series will be complete, but for now, I’m eagerly waiting for book four, The Thorn of Emberlain, and busy rereading these three. Locke Lamora is my favorite fictional thief and a master of absurd plans that somehow work, and the schemes he gets involved in just delight me to no end. A great series if you want snark, sneaking, and superb worldbuilding!


The Diviners Series

Alternately titled “That Series about 1920s Teens with Weird Powers who Solve Ghost Murders and Face Social Injustice on the Regular,” this series just gets more and more diverse with each book, and gets darker and darker. The first book is very classic murder mystery in genre, and the next two are slowly expanding into something deeper, darker, much more menacing. I love how well The Diviners series captures the glitz of the 1920s and all of its darker parts!


What are some of your favorite series? Which ones should I try to get invested in next? Bonus points if they’re already finished or within about a year of being finished!

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  1. I’ve read The Diviners and loved it but really need to read the next ones. ADSOM and The Witchland series are on my TBR. I’ve actually reserved Truthwitch and Windwhich and need to collect them from my library.

    1. Oh, have fun!! I really hope you enjoy them, especially the Witchlands. If you do, make sure to get Sightwitch after finishing Windwitch! It’s technically set before Truthwitch, but you’ll get more out of it after Windwitch, especially with Bloodwitch on the horizon early next year.

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