Weekly Wrap || September 15th

Weekly Wrap

It seems like this week shouldn’t be over, but it is! Kind of baffling, honestly. Where does the time go? Anybody know?

Life Beyond the Blog

For the most part, everything is chill, which is why it seems so strange that it’s already Saturday. Normally, when the week flies by, I’m stressed and need MORE time than I have, but right now, I’m resting comfortably on TOO MUCH TIME. It means I was able to read a big book earlier this week, to write a review and a half (gonna finish that other half soon…), and I had time to binge watch all of The Dragon Prince, which turned out to be delightfully cute! I have high hopes for it, and I’ll probably blog about it some time soon tbh.

But yeah. Life’s a whole lot of nothing right now, and it’s weirdly nice. I’ll take it, I guess?

Posts This Week

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The Week Ahead

Will everything get intense again? Who knows! As things are, though, I’m expecting a decision on the big scary thing I applied to on Wednesday, and hopefully before then, I’ll have finished that outstanding review, plus read one or two more books. I’ve got three ARCs to finish as of today, and I’m going to attempt to get them all done before the end of the month. Possibly ambitious, but also might be smart.

And somewhere in here, I suppose I should work on my larger academic projects, but shhhhh. We’ll get there. Eventually.

I’m also going to aim to brain storm some fun new discussion posts this week, so hopefully you’ll get a glimpse of those soon, and I might be able to be more interactive with everyone. Fingers crossed!


I hope your week has been as chill as mine. See you around, everyone!

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