Friday for Funsies || Favorite Subscription Boxes

Friday for Funsies

We’ve all seen unboxing videos and pictures before. We all know there are bookish subscription boxes out there for all kinds of books. We all know they come with books AND bookish swag.

So which ones are the best?

Well, which ones look the best? I can’t actually afford a subscription box, so today’s post is about the top five boxes I WISH I could get my hands on!


I’m sure pretty much everyone in the book blogging world has seen an OwlCrate unboxing somewhere, and plenty of folks even get their own OwlCrate boxes. I always get a little jealous when I see them, to be totally honestly, because they’re always FULL of goodies! Which is the point of a book box, but really! I don’t think I’ve seen an OwlCrate item I haven’t liked (if you don’t count stuff related to series I dislike), and the amount of watercolor items and pretty typography just has me ♥ ♥ ♥ when I look at photos!



So this is a box I’ve never seen anyone talk about before, but I happen to stumble across it while doing a little bit of light research for this post, and I really love it! It’s meant for writers, and every month, it comes with a new book (MG, YA, or adult), a writing-related theme for the month, a little “passport” with advice from an author on how to improve your craft in that theme, and even some industry advice and invitations to speak with industry professionals! Very cool, for sure.



Okay, so I am SUPER BIASED about this one, because any day, the Magic and Mayhem special edition Illumicrate box should be shipping, and my family gifted it to me for my birthday, so I get my own exclusive copy of VE Schwab’s Vengeful, plus 10 or MORE Schwab related goodies. As someone who adores everything Schwab has written, I’m already head over heels for this box without even knowing the extent of everything that’s in it, and I can’t wait until I can open it.

Beyond just this special edition box, though, I love seeing their supplier reveals on Instagram because they get the most gorgeous stuff to put in their boxes! It makes me wish so badly that I had the money to subscribe. One day…


LitJoy Crate

Another popular one for sure! I just saw this one for the first time a month or two ago, and I lovvvvvvvve what’s in it! The pictures they have of their past boxes are so well laid out and filled with lovely goodies, and I especially like the fabric items, like totes and pillows! I wish I’d gotten there March box, too; it was filled with all mermaid things, including seashell lights and To Kill a Kingdom.


Unicorn Crate

As the name suggests, there’s something unicorn-related in every Unicorn Crate, which means I love it. Are unicorns my absolute favorite mythical creature? No, but they’re still pretty great, so why not have a box centered around them? Beyond the unicorn items, though, Unicorn Crate is all about YA fantasy, which is right up my alley. There also seem to be notes from the authors of the featured book in all the past boxes, which I think is a really nifty thing to include! Makes the box seem kind of personal, which is a good feeling.



There are so many more book boxes out there, and I know I’ve missed some. But these are my absolute favorites that you can purchase, and I’m really looking forward to the day I have the disposable income for something like this. It’s good, clean, bookish fun, and I can’t pass up on that!

But which box is your favorite? Is it one I’ve listed here, or one I’ve totally missed? Do you know of any boxes more affordable than these? Tell me all you know about book subscription boxes!

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