Weekly Wrap || October 6th

Weekly Wrap

Finally, a peaceful week. Mostly?

Life Beyond the Blog

It still seems like everything is never-ending. That said, I did rock that presentation I had on Tuesday, and I have done most of my homework well in advance so I can enjoy my four day weekend this coming week. I get to go home Wednesday night and see my fam and the bunnies again, and that’s going to be so nice (and I won’t have to eat dining hall food lol).

Of course, one of the bunnies did have to visit the vet this week, but he was very well behaved while he was there, according to my dad, and the vet’s notes at the very bottom read “Thank you for bringing Dusty in today; he’s a very nice boy.”

Yes. Yes, he is. The best boy.

Handsome Man Dusty

Also, I got book mail from a friend this week, which included my copy of A Conjuring of Light, which I mailed to her so she could get it signed by VE Schwab for me (I can’t make it to any of the tour stops). It makes me so happy to have that signed. ♥

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The Week Ahead

Well, for one, fall break is coming! WOOOOOO!! That means I can go home, finally open my Magic and Mayhem Illumicrate box, and get hyped over what’s inside! I also will have time to read Vengeful, plus at least two or three other books. It’s going to be chill and amazing and that’s all I can really ask for tbh.

I’m also going to start putting my Halloween costume together! I don’t love Halloween, but my apartment mates are dragging me along to a Halloween party with the rest of our friend group, and I need to dress up. My costume should be pretty recognizable…and green. 😉 If you can guess it, bonus points to you!


Hope everyone has had a good week! Until next time, folks!

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