Weekly Wrap || October 13th

Weekly Wrap

Fall break is here, and even though I thought I’d have chill time…I don’t. Oh dear.

Life Beyond the Blog

Life is SO BUSY. I have two papers to write before next Friday, regular assignments to keep up with, some writing that really should have been done a few days ago, books to read, NaNo to prep for, and Halloween costume shopping to do! Everything is just super chaos. It’s just so much.

Somehow I’m managing, though. I’ve been at home since Thursday for break, and that’s meant seeing the bunnies and sleeping in my own bed, which is pretty ideal. I did finish one book, unboxed my Illumicrate Magic and Mayhem box (keep an eye out for an unboxing next week!), and started playing the 3DS version of Luigi’s Mansion. I’m so happy one of my favorite games ever is now available for a handheld console! Of course, my poor 3DS is the very first model, so the buttons no longer work right and the pad of the joystick now falls off, but hey. Maybe I’ll be able to get a new one for Christmas? Lol.

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The Week Ahead


If all goes well, I’ll finish that writing thing, and both those papers, and read 2-4 more books.

If all goes well.

Truth be told, though, I just need to take it one day at a time and go from there. Planning too far ahead is just asking for trouble when things don’t work out exactly right, so I’ve got to play a good portion of this by ear. But hey, that’s okay. One thing at a time.


I hope your week has been pleasant, and that next week goes well for you. See you around!

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