Weekly Wrap || October 27th

Weekly Wrap

October is almost over, November is almost here, and I am FREAKING OUT.

Life Beyond the Blog

Don’t worry too much about it. This is about when my yearly freak out happens anyway. NaNoWriMo is on the horizon, heavier schoolwork, including a couple research papers, is looming, and somewhere in here, I need to remember to both socialize and take time off for myself. Absolutely wild, huh?

That said, I’ve managed to do that this week. I read three whole books, I’ve done a bit of NaNo planning (need to finish it, though), I’m finishing up some bigger assignments that need finishing, AND I took a day to myself Wednesday. Mostly because I was feeling burnout and wasn’t going to be able to keep my eyes open in class, but also a bit because I really needed it.

Oh, and I’m ALMOST DONE with Crazy Ex-Girlfriend S3! I have three episodes left, and I might even be able to start S4 this weekend, which would be nice. I never thought I’d ever be interested in a romcom show, but apparently all you have to do to get my attention is throw a musical (a painfully catchy, often highly inappropriate musical at that) my way. Go figure?

Posts This Week

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The Week Ahead


For real, though. I need to draft a research paper, finish plotting for NaNo (which starts next Thursday omg no time needs to slow down I’M NOT FINISHED PREPPING), and round off a couple smaller writing projects that I’ve been neglecting. I won’t have time for them during NaNo, so it’s kind of now or never.

Also, somewhere in here, I need to read a few more books so you guys aren’t totally starved for posts in November. Even if NaNo kills me, I don’t want the blog to go dead lol. But hey, I have the whole weekend for that and a few frantic days left of October, so it’ll be fine, right?

Wishing you all a good week, and hoping it’s less hectic than mine!

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  1. Ooh you are a superwoman Meaghan! NaNo, research papers, reading and blogging at the same time? That’s craziness! I have already hit the season of crazy-busy in the university, but I can’t stop daydreaming about reading loads. Hopefully you can find time for everything and you get that NaNo smashed!

    1. Here’s hoping! This will be my fourth year of NaNo and I still haven’t figured out why I insist on doing it around such a busy academic month (or why I never win Camp NaNo but have never lost NaNo). It’s gonna be crazy but worth it lol.

      Best of luck to you and in your busy season! Hopefully it’ll be sorted soon and you can read a bunch again! 😊

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