Upcoming Releases || The Final Edition

New Releases

Seems like it’s time for another change on the blog, and this time, I’m removing an entire post category.

Over the last couple months, I’ve discovered that putting together these posts about new releases for the week is tedious, and sees few views. Worse still, I somehow keep finding books and featuring them only to find out their release dates have been moved, and my post is no longer accurate. It’s admittedly frustrating, and I don’t think it helps any of you guys who are trying to find the actual new releases for the week.

That said, this might not be the end of new releases entirely, and that means I have a question for you: would you be interested in a monthly post about new releases instead of weekly posts? I’d love to hear from you, since you’re the one reading what goes on my blog!

Also, if anyone knows the best place to get up to date release dates, please let me know. That would be so helpful, even for personal use if I don’t bring this category back.


Happy Sunday, folks, and I hope removing this category from future posts (at least for the time being) isn’t too much of an inconvenience for you!

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          1. Haha, I can imagine! I have NO MONEY rn though, so I’m in no danger of that. Can’t buy it if I don’t have money for it. Dreading the possibilty of opening a credit card for this exact reason though lmao.

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