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Weekly Wrap || November 10th

Weekly Wrap

Hey, wait, didn’t I just write one of these? Like, just a couple days ago?

What do you mean, it was a week ago???

You guys, the relentless passage of time is cruel and GETTING TO ME.

Life Beyond the Blog

Okay, so on the good side, I’m hanging in there! I read two books this week, I’m going to maybe read another one today, and I have Thanksgiving break right around the corner! I get to go home next Friday and see my rabbits and my family. I also applied to a job on campus, and I have my fingers crossed that I get it (mostly because DANG do I need money).

On the flipside, though, I’m about 6k behind on NaNo as I type this, and it’s SNOWING outside.

Obviously, the universe is conspiring against me, a poor Midwesterner who is stressed and hates the cold. Woe is me. Heed my tragic tale, my grim warning: the Midwest is a cruel place.

Anyway, moving on from my over-inflated sense of Shakespearean misery…


Posts This Week

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The Week Ahead


But when is it ever not chaos? Anyway, I’m hoping to get back on track with NaNo, get that job, and somewhere in here, do a good chunk of my two research papers. If I can get a head start on those, it’s not going to be nearly so stressful to finish them off after my break is over. Then again, I am a champion of all things procrastination, so we’ll see whether or not this mission succeeds. If I were you, I’d play it safe and not put any money on it (especially because there’s supposed to be more Great British Baking Show AND She-Ra this coming week, which are obviously prime distractions worthy of my time). But hey, you never know!


I’ll see you around next week, hopefully. Have a good one, folks!

0 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap || November 10th

  1. Wishing you luck with the job and NaNo πŸ˜€ !!!

    I can’t believe you have snow where you live. Where I live its HOT. 80 degree weather hot. It still feels like summer here lol.

    I’m also so excited for She-Ra! Looks so awesome!

    1. Thanks a bunch, Sav!

      Oooh lucky you. I’m in Ohio rn and it is a cruel, cold mistress.

      It really does! I’ve heard there’s confirmed queer rep, which is exciting, and it looks like fun, which is ultimately what I love when I get into a cartoon. Plus, Noelle Stevenson is involved, the woman behind Nimona and Lumberjanes!

      1. Oh that’s awesome about the queer rep! I’ve heard good things about Noelle Stevenson and her comics so I’m really interested in what she does. πŸ˜€

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