Weekly Wrap || November 17th

Weekly Wrap

Another week, another crisis about the relentless passage of time which refuses to slow down no matter how many complaints I lodge.

Who’s running this show anyway?

Life Beyond the Blog

There has been a lot. On the plus side, I’ve gotten a couple school projects out of the way, and I’ve made some excellent tracks on my NaNo project. That feels good. Hell, it feels great! Plus, I got good news about the health of the rabbits (the thing one of them is dealing with is actually small and treatable, and not even a little bit as scary as we thought it might be), and I’ve been eating excellent butterscotch-filled chocolates that I got in a gift exchange. Can’t beat that!

I’m also home now, settled in for a week of Thanksgiving break, so that’s nice. I also escaped campus, which lost power just before midnight on Thursday and only got it back around 5:30 in the evening yesterday. It’s nice to be out of the chilly, dark apartment and home where everything is warm and lit up.

On the other hand, there’s still a lot of work I haven’t finished for school, which is weighing on me, as is one of my grandmother’s health. Things are looking very good, and while I’ve known this would happen eventually, it’s still hard to think about, and I feel like I’m just braced for the worst at this point and can’t unwind. I also can’t do anything about it, and being stuck between tense and helpless is tiring, to say the least.


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The Week Ahead

Break, glorious break! I’m at home for a whole week, and don’t have to be back on campus until the afternoon of the 25th. It’s a week for intense NaNoing, less intense attention to some school work I should get ahead of the game on, and maybe even some good video gaming. Who knows? It’s a free week, and I can do whatever I want!

Granted, I should use at least some of it for December blog prep, but I’m still daydreaming of all the things I can cram into such an open week. Plus, we’re not traveling for Thanksgiving this year beyond a short trip to my grandparents’ house the day of! That’s one day out of eight whole days at home that I don’t have totally free. Otherwise, the world is my oyster.

Wow. Having free time is wild, and I feel like it might be obvious I haven’t had any lately. 😳

But really, I need the time to relax. I’ve got enough going on in life right now that I think sleeping in and lounging around in pajamas will be good for me. Breaks are healthy, even if I forget that now and again.


Have a great week, folks, and for those of you celebrating Thanksgiving this coming week, happy Thanksgiving!

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