Monthly Wrap || November

Monthly Wrap

Well, this has been a month, wow. Somehow, both everything and nothing has happened. Let’s break it down and parse it out, shall we?

Life Beyond the Blog

For one thing, my life has been nothing but NaNoWriMo and essays, all written at the last minute. School is intense, which I suppose I should have anticipated from senior year and my own procrastination habits, but still. It’s caught me a little by surprise and left me scrambling to meet deadlines and word counts.

Somehow, though, nothing is late, nothing is overdue, nothing is too far behind where it needs to be. It’s a bit of a miracle tbh, given how strong my procrastination skills are. If only I were better at active time management instead of working under the pressure of deadlines, huh?

Beyond that, I survived a not so pleasant Thanksgiving break, and


Books Read and Reviewed

Not many, but more than zero! I’m feeling good about that, since I didn’t think I’d really have time for anything this month. I got through Sawkill GirlsThe Arsonist, and What You Hide, all of which I’ve reviewed on the blog! I’m also done with The Girl King and Girls of Paper and Fire, but you’ll see those reviews over the next couple weeks.

That’s five more books than I thought I’d get to!


Next Month’s Reads

I definitely want to get through Between the Devil and the Deep Blue SeaThe Waking Forest, and Descendant of the Crane. Beyond that, I’m going to read anything I want to, because my winter break starts around the 18th (if I can get my final essays turned in early), and after that, I have freedom for just shy of a month. You bet I’m going to take advantage of that!


My Top Three Posts

I’ll be the first to admit it: it’s been a slightly slower month around the blog this time. NaNoWriMo has come first, which meant I dialed back on some of the posts I typically do, and didn’t let myself feel too guilty about empty days in the posting schedule.

That said, I do have some favorites from this month that I hope you’ve enjoyed too!

NaNoWriMo Check-In #2

Sawkill Girls Review

Not a Book! Thursday || She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

Favorites From Around the Blogging World

I’m never not blown away by the amazing posts I see throughout the month, and it’s so difficult to pick favorites! Still, here are some of this month’s best!

Taiwo @ A Lifestyle Nerd has some advice about legally finding books to read while you’re on a budget!

Cam @ Camillea talks about the importance of platonic love, and provides some recs with non-romantic love at the forefront!

M Hashimi wrote a guest post on Clo’s Book Dragons about bad reviews and the backlash they get!

FNM Blog collected the top 100 bookish tags!

Clo from Book Dragons and Merv @ Merv Reads brought us a list of 20 things they’ve learned from blogging in celebration of their birthdays!


And that’s it for the month! I hope your November has treated you kindly, and that December finishes out the year smoothly for you! See you around!

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  1. I am glad you got things figured out while being stressed! I often leave quite a lot to do last minute as well and the pressure can keep me going during that time, but it’s exhausting. So, well done!

      1. I hear you! With some things that I really dread, I need those deadlines like nothing else, but more often than not I really wondered why I kept doing things like that to myself when I had the time before to work on it at a normal pace haha

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