Top 5 Tuesday || Top Book Titles

Top 5 Tuesday

You know, I always look forward to Tuesdays, because Shanah @ Bionic Bookworm just has the best topics every week! This week, she’s decided on book titles and OH MAN.

This is my kind of T5T!

Trail of Lightning by Rebecca Roanhorse

Trail of Lightning Cover.jpg

Okay, so part of this is me being excited because I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about Trail of Lightning, and the other part is me marveling about how AMAZING that title is. Also, the sequel’s title is Storm of Locusts and I’m thriving on the stormy force of nature vibe that’s happening here. I bet the third book will have “thunder” somewhere in the title…


The Boneless Mercies by April Genevieve Tucholke

The Boneless Mercies Cover.jpg

The word “boneless” alone has me into this title because I want to know exactly how this one works. Also, it just sounds really cool and slightly menacing to say out loud.

Good thing I have a copy sitting at the top of my TBR!


Not Even Bones by Rebecca Schaeffer

Not Even Bones Cover

Not only is the book title excellent and eerie on this one, but the series title is Market of Monsters, which is also fantastic. I get the sense of a very monstrous black market (which probably isn’t far off, based on the book’s summary), and combined with the cover, it feels precise and efficient and gory. Definitely a chilling combo.


For a Muse of Fire by Heidi Heilig

For a Muse of Fire Cover

For a Muse of Fire is a title that just rolls off the tongue sounding so lovely and lyrical and somehow also fierce, and maybe it’s the cover giving me that impression overall, but still. I’ll own up to loving fire-related titles, and this is no exception. Another one I’m grateful to have at the top of my TBR after finals are over!


Spin the Dawn by Elizabeth Lim

Spin the Dawn Cover

I know today is about titles. I know. But take a hot second to stop and look at that stunning cover, because WOW. It looks absolutely beautiful, and I love the colors and the way the eagle’s wing align’s with the girl’s arm, not to mention the swirl of fabrics. Truly a work of art.

Anyways, that title is also a work of art because dawn generally isn’t spun, which means there’s something magical and perhaps impossible going on here. Not only that, but the title feels urgent to me, perhaps because it has a time of day in it, and such an early one at that. It’s not evening or night or noon, it’s dawn. It’s hard to articulate what about this one is so captivating, but trust me, it is.


And this isn’t including so many other incredible titles out there. But tell me, what are some of YOUR favorite titles?


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  1. All of these are already on my TBR! So many great titles! Also stunning covers especially Spin the Dawn. 2019 is literally one of the best years for YA fantasy covers.

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