Weekly Wrap || December 8th

Weekly Wrap

The end of the semester and the end of the YEAR is closer than ever, and yet?

I think I need more time.

Life Beyond the Blog

As always, non-blogging life is the same thing as academic life. I’ve finished an essay and a step in one research paper, I’m set to finish a group project today, and then I have three essays and one exam to go.

It’s a lot.

But on the bright side, I have made the tiniest sliver of time for D&D the last couple weeks, and I feel like it’s important to shout-out one of my party members, who has an item called the Totter. This item looks like a rice cooker, but you roll 3d20, multiply the results, and that’s how many potatoes magically pop out.

And because we’re playing by OpenLegend rules, if you roll a 20, the die “explodes,” and you get to roll again and add that into the total you already have.

So backing up, again, shout-out to my party member, who used the Totter to kill not one but TWO krakens, saving us from two whole major boss fights, because she rolled 12, 2020, 16, and 17.

Folks, that’s roughly 1.3 million potatoes.

We’re so proud of her.

(Also, if there are any mathematically inclined bloggers reading this, could you perhaps tell me about how much space those 1.3 million potatoes take up? I am, unfortunately, horrible at math. This is beyond me, but it’s very important information. For science. And peace of mind for my D&D party. And future reference, because we will use that Totter again, mark my words.)


Posts This Week

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The Week Ahead


Seriously, that’s about it. 😭 I just have too much to do to devote any time to blog hopping or reading or anything. I can’t wait for winter break when I can actively engage again because I’ve missed taking a proper look at people’s posts and actually reading content other than my own lol. Winter break is going to be a blog-hopping SPREE, and I’m just trying to get through to that.


Hopefully, you’ve been having a good week, and hopefully next week is just as good! See you around!

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