Top 5 Tuesday || Books I Didn’t Get to in 2018

Top 5 Tuesday

After last week’s amazing T5T topic, it looks like this week, I have to fess up. The topic Shanah @ Bionic Bookworm chose is the books I didn’t get to this year.

There’s more than just five, I’ll tell you that. Whoops.

The Legend of Eli Monpress by Rachel Aaron

The Legend of Eli Monpress Cover

Between this being pitched to me by one of my friends with the most glowing of words, and its comparison to The Lies of Locke Lamora, you would have thought I’d be done with this already.

But it’s actually a bind-up of the first three books, and I have had SO LITTLE TIME. I feel guilty, too, because this one was a gift from the same friend who pitched it to me, and I’m usually good about prioritizing gift books above other books. Soon, though. I won’t put it off forever.


Air Awakens by Elise Kova

Air Awakens Cover.jpg

This has been sitting on my Kindle for AGES since I bought it when it was on sale and I feel so bad about letting it go so long. It’s been nearly a year, to be totally honest, which is not a great turn-around time. I don’t know what’s holding me back, because I really do want to read it (and The Alchemists of Loom, which I bought at the same time).

Our Dark Duet by Victoria Schwab

Our Dark Duet Cover.jpg

A Schwab book that I haven’t read? PREPOSTEROUS.

Except it’s true. I haven’t read This Savage Song in a long while, so I need to reread that before I jump into this. And I want to! I really do! Because it’s A SCHWAB BOOK.

I just need time. 😭


The City of Brass by SA Chakraborty

The City of Brass Cover

Another Kindle victim that’s been lying around for months! I’ve heard wonderful things about this one, especially about how beautifully it reads, but my Kindle and I clearly don’t get along unless I have ARCs to read, which is kind of a crime. One day I’ll finish reading everything that’s on there, right?


Grim Lovelies by Megan Shepherd

Grim Lovelies

Bought during my Black Friday Barnes and Noble splurge, I haven’t gotten around to Grim Lovelies just yet even though I want to. It’s got witches and murder in Paris, which is a surefire way to catch my attention. Also, the cover is EXTREMELY PRETTY, another good way to get me to stop and take a look.

But it sits on my TBR. Waiting. Waiting…


What books did you not get to this year? Or are you superhuman, and finished everything on your TBR? If you’re the latter, please share your secrets. I need to know. For science.

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  1. I took a rain check on the top 5 this week given family circumstances but City of Brass is also among mines! I feel better all of a sudden Meaghan.

    1. Yes, actually! It’s wonderfully dark and monstrous, and has the quick pace of YA. City of Ghosts is her new MG which is super lovely and cute, and if you like adult fantasy that moves slower but has expansive and glorious world building, then go for the Shades of Magic series, starting with A Darker Shade of Magic. And if you’re okay reading a series that isn’t and probably won’t be finished, grab The Archived, which is a YA about a girl who helps make sure the dead stay archived in a library after their death.

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