Top 5 Tuesday || Books on my Christmas Wishlist

Top 5 Tuesday

The holidays are right around the corner, and Shanah @ Bionic Bookworm has kept that in mind for today’s T5T prompt, because we’re looking a week ahead to Christmas!

Here’s what I’m most hoping for under the tree…

Truly Devious by Maureen Johnson

Truly Devious Cover

So I technically already have this one as an ebook, but I really want a hardcover copy. I love the way the cover looks, and the cover of The Vanishing Stair is also so nice that I really want a hardcover copy of that. Plus, as nice as it is to be able to stuff a bunch of books onto a Kindle without adding any physical weight, I do really adore the feeling of a book in my hand.


The Adventure Zone: Here There Be Gerblins by Clint and Griffin McElroy

Here There Be Gerblins TAZ Cover

I had the privilege of borrowing this from a friend (who happened to accidentally without paying attention get a signed copy!!), and it was A DELIGHT. Which means I’d love it for my own shelves. TAZ: Balance has made itself comfy and cozy in my heart, and I think it’s going to hold that special place for a very long time, for a number of phenomenal reasons.

Also, I just really like D&D.


The Last Magician by Lisa Maxwell

The Last Magician Cover

If you remember earlier this year, I read this and gave it 5 stars because it was GREAT. But, when I read it, it was a library copy, and that means it didn’t get to stay on my shelf.

But this is a BIG BOOK, and I love BIG BOOKS, which means I really hope it lands on my shelf. And the sequel, of course, which I still haven’t had a chance to read. 😢


Iron Cast by Destiny Soria

Iron Cast Cover

Admittedly, I didn’t love Soria’s Beneath the Citadel a ton, but! But! Iron Cast is compared with The Diviners, and it features girls who are con artists by day and illusionists by night. Not to mention its set in 1919 Boston, which means it’s going to be aesthetic as all hell.

I can’t say no to books set in 1920s or so east coast cities. I just can’t do it. Maybe because so many of them have a mystery element, too? Whatever it is, I can’t resist.


Shadow of the Fox by Julie Kagawa

Shadow of the Fox Cover

Honestly, I’ve been thinking about this book ever since I reviewed the ARC I got, and I NEED a copy for myself. The cover is gorgeous, the story is incredible, and I am itching to get my hands on the sequel as well! If I unwrap this next week, I’m going to be absolutely over the moon, and that’s just the truth of it.


What books would you be happiest to receive as a gift? What books would you be most excited to give as a gift? Let’s talk giving and sharing and BOOKS, because those are the good things in life.

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