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It’s been a long while since I’ve done an award post of any sort, but Kaleena @ Reader Voracious has nominated me for a new one. Thanks, Kaleena! ❤️

Anyhow, rules are as follows!



Acknowledge, link back and thank the blog that nominated you

Display the award + rules in your blog

Tell your subscribers seven things about you.

Re-nominate 10-15 people.

So let’s start, hmm?

Seven Things About Me!

1. I’ve played soccer for 13 years! It’d be 17 if I had the time or if there was even a rec team at school, and I plan on getting back into it ASAP.

2. I am the oldest sibling of three (which is lots of fun)!

3. I am the shortest sibling of three (which is less fun)!

4. I know Latin, a little bit of ancient Greek (Attic dialect!), and I’m learning Spanish (slowly)!

5. My mundane superpower is never ever ever losing socks in the wash. Seriously, not a one.

6. I’ve traveled out of the Midwest a total of three times in my entire life (and one time, I was a baby, so that barely counts). Can someone come rescue me from these endless cornfields and empty spaces? Please?

7. I used to work in a greenhouse, so I know a fair bit about plants and really love them bunches! I make sure to name all of my personal green friends, too.


I Tag…

You! Look, I know the award says 10-15 people are supposed to be tagged, but since I’m writing this during a time when I’ve barely been online and I’m just starting to catch up on people’s posts again, I feel too out of the loop to be tagging people directly. So if you haven’t done this before, feel free, and I’d love to see your answers! ❤️

0 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award

    1. Lol we could try! Can’t say my conversational is any good. You learn more about war vocab and weird stuff than anything else, haha.

      Succulents!! Jade plants in particular are nice because they get wrinkly when they need water, but if you give them just a little once or twice a week, it’ll be okay!

        1. KALEENA

          Those are about as hardy as they come though. Plant in a one part sand, one part soil mix for drainage, set in the sun, and try not to let them get wrinkly. Water once a week tops if you’re worried. They don’t need much.

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