Friday for Funsies || The Best Bookish Gifts

Friday for Funsies

If you’re anything like me, you might just be thinking of gift ideas for the holidays next year, or about gifts for birthdays that are coming up. Best to be prepared and all that. But what to get for the bookish people in your life (or yourself, if you’re a treat yourself kind of person)?

I may have a few suggestions for you. Just a few.


We have to mark our pages somehow, right? I’ll admit that my family loves to get me pretty bookmarks, and because I read so fast, I rarely use them, but STILL. They’re good to have on hand for emergencies, snack breaks, LONGGGGGGGG books, staying up too late and not wanting to break the spine by leaving it open when you go to bed, and more!

Bookmarks are just very good, and I’m not sure who I’m trying to convince more: you or me.



For starters, it’s winter right now, and as much as I love books, I’m practically a reptile, and can never get warm in December. This moves blankets wayyyyy up on the priority list. And honestly, even in the other seasons, when it’s not so chilly, there’s just something comforting about curling up under a blanket with a book and getting cozy. Best way to read shy of constructing an entire blanket fort for the job.

Which, if you get a bookworm enough blankets, is definitely possible. And recommended.


Tote Bags

Raise your hand if you took approximately seven bazillion books with you in the car as a child!

Raise your other hand if you STILL over pack on books whenever you’re going anywhere!

Okay, so obviously tote bags are a good solution here. Those seven bazillion books are hard to carry in your arms, especially if you have to pack stuff like clothes and whatever on top of that. The more bags of books, the better!


Book Sleeves

Maybe a little niche (I totally get if some folks don’t use them), but I love book sleeves! I only have the one I got from the Magic and Mayhem Illumicrate box, but it’s soooooo nice. Don’t want torn covers, bent dust jackets, stuff spilled on the book? Sleeves are your new best friend! Not to mention I especially like them when I borrow books from other people. As careful as I am to return the book in the same condition I borrowed it, accidents can happen, and booksleeves are relatively anti-accident.

Also, they’re just cute. Bonus points for that.



Genuinely one of the best gifts I can think of, largely because my dad actually did this for me a long time ago. There’s an almost five foot tall shelf in the hallway (because my room has sloped walls and I can’t have a bookshelf taller than about three feet inside 😭) that he made from scratch, and it holds everything that doesn’t fit on the shelf in my room.

It’s messy as all get out, though, and you can blame my brother for that. We had to share it (I KNOW), and he does not keep a tidy bookshelf. I’ve been slowly pruning out books to donate and reorganizing it along the way. Someday, it’ll actually be a neat bookshelf again. And all mine. And not for Lego set displays in front of the books…




What’s the point of everything above if you don’t get more books? It’s the point of being a bookworm. It’s right in the name! When all else fails, and you aren’t sure how any of these other gift ideas go over, go with books. It’s a fail safe.


Any one of these could be a great gift, but personally, I’m a big fan of more books overall. Do you have any other ideas I might have missed, though? I’ve tried to hit just the essentials here, of course, but I’m open to suggestions. Have to make sure to cover all the bookish bases! 😉

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