Weekly Wrap || December 29th

Weekly Wrap

This is it. The last weekly wrap for the year.

Wild, right?

Life Beyond the Blog

It’s all been CHRISTMAS.

Seriously, that’s about it. My family was in a baking flurry, a present-wrapping storm all the way up until Christmas, and visiting extended family has been on the agenda CONSTANTLY. I’m even headed over to visit more family this afternoon, so that’s really become the priority.

I don’t expect to have my life back until going back to school, honestly, and even then, that’s iffy. Next week is more family stuff for New Years and more belated Christmas stuff over the weekend, and the week after that is all the appointments I have to deal with before I go back to school, the things that have to be done and require (GASP) getting dressed and leaving the house looking like a functional human being.

But hey, such is the holidays. I’ll find some peace in here somewhere.


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The Week Ahead


It’s time for me to make my resolutions, set up my 2019 bujo (after finishing filling my 2018 bujo…), and then CHILL. My family usually watches a bunch of movies and eats snacks all day in our PJs for New Year’s, and I’m really looking forward to it. It also means I’m going to have time to read, which I haven’t had a bunch of time for. That’s always a plus!


Hope your week has been a good one, and if you’re celebrating, that it hasn’t been too crazy! See you in just few days for a monthly (and technically yearly) wrap!

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  1. Yes, I plan to read also because we have zero television save for Netflix and various other internet streaming. I haven’t seen the ”ball drop” or the ”countdown” on years. I could really care less.
    I don’t drink, he doesn’t drink and we have a 12-year-old. So what do we do? They play Destiny 2, I read.

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