Weekly Wrap || January 12th

Weekly Wrap

In what’s obviously the most important and earth-shattering news…


If anything’s turned my week upside down, it might just be that.

Life Beyond the Blog

On the non-blogging side of things, nothing so drastic as a major palette change has happened. I’ve been spending my final week of my final winter break ever mostly just chilling.

Aaaaaand worrying about some dental work that surprised me. It should be fine (we’ve caught it in time, and the fix is simple), so the chances I’ll need surgery to fix it are pretty slim. I think. Which means that I’ve been stressing about it anyway, which IN TURN means I’ve been playing video games nonstop and neglecting to actually read books. My Goodreads challenge is off to an ABYSMAL start. Whoops.

On the plus side, though, I topped off my store of photos for Insta so that I don’t have to try taking any in my horrible dorm lighting, and I’ve NEARLY beaten Ever Oasis (though I goofed at one point, selected the wrong option after being KO’d, and lost like an hour of progress when it sent me back to my last warp point RIP me). And I even did laundry. Despite staying in my pajamas for a lot of this, I feel decently productive. It’s a weird feeling to be totally honest. But pajamas are always good.


Posts This Week

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The Week Ahead

Next week, my final semester of college begins, and so does work at my new job! Lots of new things, basically. And new books, hopefully. I’m reading an absolute BRICK of a book right now (it’s The Way of Kings and it’s 1124 pages and it’s so good but also HELP ME), and I’m itching to get onto something new, but also seriously invested in this storyline. Weird spot to be in, but also really fantastic.

Also, I’m making some small changes! From now on, book reviews with have links to Barnes and Noble rather than Amazon. I’m trying to avoid Amazon and Amazon-owned sites in the blog’s future because I have a lot of problems with Amazon as a whole. Goodreads is also Amazon-owned, but until a comparable site catches on for reviews and the like, I’ll still be linking there. I’ll also be posting my reviews to Amazon as well, since I know that helps with sales, even if I refuse to buy from them in the future.

AND I’ll be talking about a topic near and dear to my heart next Friday, so keep an eye out for that!


Anyway, that’ll do it for this week. I’ll see you around, folks, and I hope you’ve had an excellent week, and have an even better one to come!

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  1. One suggestion I’d have for you for a Goodreads-ish site is LibraryThing. I’ll say I don’t like the aesthetics or the usability quite as much, but it serves a similar purpose.

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