Weekly Wrap || February 2nd

Weekly Wrap

Somehow, it’s already February, and I feel like time is speeding up on me on purpose. Just to psych me out. Anyone else?

Life Beyond the Blog

Possibly the biggest thing this week was the sheer cold. I had classes off Wednesday and Thursday because of it (YAY OHIO ugh), which meant that I absolutely became a blanket burrito. It let me catch up on some reading, and it also meant that I got into ACNL again.

I tried Animal Crossing a couple years ago and didn’t like it much, mostly because of the real time play factor. This time, I figured I’d give it another go because I looked into how to time travel in the game without screwing everything up and OH BOY. Now I’m having fun! It lets me play the game longer and have more to do, and once I get my feet underneath me, I think I’ll time travel back to the real date and let things play out from there. Should be fun!

Other than that, though, it’s been an exceptionally dull week. Super dull. Go figure.


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The Week Ahead


Next week is when two of my three classes recommend starting the core research project of the class, and since I really, really want to ace this semester, I need to follow that recommendation. I’m THIS CLOSE to having a 3.9, and unless I nail these classes, I think I’m going to fall just a hair short. The GPA calculator I’ve used also thinks I’m going to fall a hair short just based on the simple math of how many credits I have this semester, which really sucks.

BUT OH WELL. I also have other things to do! This evening, I’m going to a concert for the local orchestra and as moral support for my roommate, who has a violin solo (!!!), and after that, it’s desserts and drinks and CHILLING for one more day before I’m back at it again on Monday morning at the deli.


Hope your week has been good to you, and that the week ahead is calmer for you than it is for me! See you around!

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  1. Well Meaghan I am thinking of all of you in the US really freezing right now so I want to say: stay safe and warm! Good luck for next week .

    1. Thanks, Meeghan! I’m not 100% sure yet, but I will be doing a paper on utopia in some way, another on late antique art, and a third on religion from an anthropological perspective. I have lots of latitude, which is why I haven’t nailed down specifics yet!

          1. YAAAYY!! I love it when the things you have to do, are about things you are interested in. It makes it all so much easier!!! (But also worse because then you maybe try and investigate every single grain of sand in the desert… be kind to yourself and maybe don’t do that!!) x

  2. I swear January had a pair of Sonic the hedge hog shoes…smh. Throwing you lots of good vibes and heaters! Stay warm and good luck on your assignments! <3

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