Weekly Wrap || February 9th

Weekly Wrap

For some reason, it somehow feels like February hasn’t even started yet, AND like it’s almost over. Who else is in the same boat?

Life Beyond the Blog

The biggest thing this week was that yesterday marked 100 days until graduation! I went to a nice party for it, had a good time, and also battled with the existential crisis of “OH NO WHAT AM I GONNA DO WHEN I’M DONE HERE” so that’s a good time! Grappling with that and also having meetings with professors about research has taken up the bulk of my week, so much so that I haven’t done any reading for fun. I’m hoping to change that tomorrow, but that’s entirely dependent on me doing my homework today.

We’ll see how well that goes lol.

But other than that, this week’s been a slow sort of existence! Time even slowed down enough that I was able to watch the entire new season of One Day at a Time before the party yesterday (which was fun and delightful and also made me cry a little bit because that’s what it’s good at)!


Posts This Week

February Releases — The Vanishing Stair Review


The Week Ahead

More research! More meetings! More wondering where my time has gone! And somehow, I’m also going to attempt to get my entire Witchlands reread in there too! With Bloodwitch releasing this Tuesday, I’m expecting my preorder to show up by the end of the week, and I really want to do a review series the week after to celebrate. But that’s dependent on my time management, so we’ll see what happens.

Next week will also be the week of deadlines for some writing projects that need to be shipped out the door! I’m feeling ambitiously productive, so I might just be scarce. Then again, I might also be around while avoiding being productive and also avoiding all the oncoming Valentine’s Day stuff because that’s just not my thing. We’ll see! No one knows! The universe is a vast mystery and time is an illusion!


I’ll see you around, folks. Have a great week!

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  1. “wondering where my time has gone” is such a mood! I look back on my week and swear I’ve done lots of work and lots of reading, and yet objectively I haven’t really done anything? who knows. also I still think it’s January even though I know on a conscious level that January is over ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    best of luck with your upcoming deadlines, and I hope your productive mood lasts for a while! 💪 (also, come join the single bookdragons party – we’ll sit in relative silence and read and pretend it isn’t Valentine’s Day, lol.)

    1. You and I are really grappling with time as the worst of all constructs, huh? Oof.

      Thank you! I sure hope it lasts too. And that sounds like an excellent party. As long as there’s snacks, I’m in.

  2. Totally feel you on the weirdness of February! It definitely feels like it both hasn’t started and is already over. I don’t understand time at all.

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