Weekly Wrap || February 17th

Weekly Wrap

So, turns out a power outage and no WiFi really does slow things down a bit! Who knew?

Life Beyond the Blog

Besides that tech whoops yesterday, life is all around pretty good right now! I’m still deep in research (not as if that’ll change until May), but I’ve just finalized a trip to Seattle for after graduation, AND I got tickets to one of VE Schwab’s The Near Witch tour stops next month! My aunt is even taking time off work to go with me, which is just the best thing ever. I can’t wait!!

I also got through Valentine’s Day, so three cheers for that, lol. Honestly, it felt like just another day, and the day after, my friends and I had a Valentine’s Day party, appropriately renamed Palentine’s Day because we’re a bunch of saps who care about each other and will take an excuse to throw a themed holiday party and bake cake pops and dip fruit in chocolate. You can’t stop us. It’s the power of friendship and all that, y’know?

But you know what I haven’t done? Found time to read OR to watch the next season of The Dragon Prince! No spoilers on TDP or Bloodwitch, folks; give me just one more week, I’m begging you!


Posts This Week

Spectacle Review


The Week Ahead


I’m aiming to do a Witchlands week here on the blog, reviewing each of the core installments including Bloodwitch, and topping it all off with a theory post looking forward to the rest of the series. To get yourself ready, you should totally read my Sightwitch review from last year (still basically 100% applicable even after my reread!), and while you’re at it, just get prepared, whatever getting prepared means for you.

For me, it means many blankets and pretending I have fewer responsibilities than I actually do, which is maybe a little more academically dangerous than I should admit.



And with that, I’m off to tidy up the last things needed for this witchy week. See you around, and I hope you’ve had an awesome week yourself!

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