Weekly Wrap || February 23rd

Weekly Wrap

This week has been THE LONGEST. I thought February was supposed to be short?

Life Beyond the Blog

I survived midterms! I think that’s the most important thing. One exam, one big presentation, and it’s out of the way. I still have plenty more ahead in terms of research, but it’s nice to have some of it behind me.

I’m also slow this week, because I’ve managed to whack my knee against my desk, then jam it funny when I jumped off of something. Plus, the weather pinballing between extremes has made it on the whole very unhappy. It’s happened before, so it’ll feel better with rest, but don’t be like me, kids. Take care of your knees.

Other than that, it’s been a dull week outside of the blog (though very exciting within it because IT WAS WITCHLANDS WEEK). C’est la vie and all that!


Posts This Week

Truthwitch ReviewWindwitch ReviewBloodwitch ReviewWitchlands Theory Time!


The Week Ahead

IT’S THE WEEK BEFORE SPRING BREAK and omg I have to drown myself in research. Some of my research materials can’t be renewed and they’re due over break, so I need to double down (triple down? QUADRUPLE DOWN?) and hop to work on those. Expect me to continue to be halfway quiet on the blog and social media until I make it to spring break, which starts next Friday! I just have to survive that long. That’s it. That’s it…


Basically, another short wrap in a weirdly long month. I hope your week has been good to you and that you haven’t beaten up your knee the way I have. See you on the other side of this research pile!

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