Weekly Wrap || March 2nd

Weekly Wrap

Another week, another wrap! Let’s get into it quickly, because it’s my spring break, and I want to check the heck out from anything and everything but RELAXING. 😎

Life Beyond the Blog


Alas, I am not vacationing. I’m sitting at home in my pjs, trying to remember the schedule of doctor’s appointments and such over the next two week. It’s not a terribly exciting existence, even if it does mean I get to spend more time reading and playing video games and hanging out with the bunnies (who, yes, are still exceptionally cute; stay tuned on Twitter for more pictures probably).

That said, I survived another presentation in class this week, and solidified a little bit more of my research approach for some things. I’m making baby steps toward getting things done. Just little baby steps, but better than no steps at all.

Beyond that, though, (and beyond the Pokémon news I talked about in the February monthly wrap!), it’s been an extraordinarily slow week. I could use slow right now, though. Make this break last as loooooooong as possible…


Posts This Week

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The Week Ahead


Okay, not nothing, but so little. Besides the appointments I have to keep, I plan on being an absolute sloth as much as possible. Catch me on the couch, eating pizza rolls and moving no more than ten feet every few hours, exceptions made for rabbit wrangling if they’re causing trouble. Hopefully I’ll knock out a huge chunk of my TBR in the process, and make some tracks on my writing (which has been sitting way too long, oops).

Basically, I’m just checking off stuff on my to-do list that requires as little physical activity as possible, which is ideal. Gonna be the blanket/words gremlin I’ve always aspired to be.


I hope you’ve had an excellent week, and may your week ahead be kind to you! May there be also many nice blankets and good surprise news in your future, too. See you around!

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