Weekly Wrap || March 9th

Weekly Wrap

I don’t get another spring break after this one, so the fact that we’re a week in is…alarming, to say the least?

Someone have any spare time they can lend me?

Life Beyond the Blog

Well, for one thing, I managed to accidentally smash my phone screen this last week. Which was incredibly embarrassing because I’ve never broken any device I’ve owned. I still have a Gameboy SP that works in perfect shape save for the bad battery, which is just a product of time taking its toll. But nooooo, my phone slid out of my pocket and the screen went kaput, so I have a new phone.

Which has turned out to be a blessing in disguise, since it has a super amazing camera and brilliant battery life, but I’m still getting past the shame and the wallet dent of breaking the old one.

Also, it’s been busy at home, since my dad had minor surgery, and we’ve been making sure everything around the house is taken care since he can’t quite do as much as usual right now. He’ll be back up to speed soonish, but in the meantime, there’s a lot my siblings and I have to take care of since Dad’s range of motion is a little limited.

Other than that, spring break is for taking it easy and I have DEFINITELY been doing that.


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The Week Ahead

Ideally, I’ll be spending next week reading and writing, but in reality, I think there’s going to be some homework involved as well. I didn’t finish what I meant to finish this week, but it’s not so much that I’m in trouble for not having it done quite yet. So, smooth sailing and hopefully reading ahead!


I hope your week has been as calm as mine, and that next week is a good one as well!

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