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Not a Book! Thursday || FaeCrate Bloodwitch Hangover Recovery Kit Unboxing

Not a Book

It’s time for another unboxing! I was lucky enough to get my hands on one of FaeCrate’s Bloodwitch Hangover Recovery Kits, and OH BOY was it exciting.

If you haven’t received yours yet for some reason, watch out, because there’s spoilers of all witchy sorts below the cut!

As expected, the box was just GLORIOUS. Art, a candle, the plushie, the book sleeve, A MASSIVE TAPESTRY, a pillow case, pins, and more!! I’m still really surprised at just how much stuff was packed inside, not to mention really delighted that I had a chance to buy one of these boxes in the first place. This first picture is the full spread (sans giant tapestry) in all its witchy goodness!

Bloodwitch Full Unboxing

But I’m going to go piece by piece like I did for the Illumicrate box I got a few months back, so you can see everything.

Bloodwitch Plush and Book

Obviously, we have to start with the book, bookplate, box and plushie! My sister helped me unbox, and she’s happy to report that you can push Aeduan’s hood back, which is a cute addition to the fact that there’s A PLUSHIE in this box! Also, how beautiful is that box? I love black/red/gold and the Witchlands, so of course I love even the packaging here. ❤️

Bloodwitch Tapestry

Next is the tapestry, which, unfortunately, was wrinkled from being in the box so long (it was delivered about a week before I got home for spring break, so I couldn’t get to it in time to save it from wrinkly misery 😭). Still, it’s STUNNING, and the art is by Gabriella Bujdoso! I think my favorite part of it is Iz, but that’s because I love Iz with my whole heart (and also would totally wear that same outfit because tbh it looks super cool in this).

Bloodwitch Scarf

And this scarf! FaeCrate was responsible for this one as well, and I’m trying to figure out what I can wear it with already. It’s more of a summer scarf since it’s so thin, but I love the sea fox design A TON and I think it’ll look super cute once I find something to wear it with!

Bloodwitch Pillowcase

Sticking to the fabrics first, I guess! This pillow case was done by Blanca Designs (if anyone has a link, please let me know; turns out that’s a very popular name for wedding dress designers), and I definitely need a square pillow now. It’s comfortably soft fabric, and now that I’ve finished Bloodwitch, I’m a hell of a lot more pleased to see this quote than I used to be. Also, look at those Threads!

Bloodwitch Book Sleeve

And the book sleeve! It says, “For Lady Fate makes all men choose eventually. Even Bloodwitches,” and it was made by VergeofWisteria! It’s a huge sleeve (almost more of a bag, honestly), and I’m thinking it’s going to be perfect for the trip I’m taking in May. Gotta keep the books safe, after all!


Bloodwitch Candle Coffee Salts

And here’s some of the functional goodies! The Owl & Blueberry soy candle is made by Wicky Wicky Candle Co, and smells like blueberry, amber, and oakmoss. It also has blue glitter right on top when you unscrew the lid, and I really like the smell more than I expected to! Meanwhile, the bath salts are by BookishBalms, and I think my little sister has claimed them for her own already (which is fine, since my college apartment only has a standing shower, no tub). 😂 As for the Mathew’s Coffee Shop coffee, it’s rum and coconut flavored medium classic roast, and made by That Bookie Candles!

Admittedly, on the coffee, the only words that mean anything to me are rum and coconut. I’m not a coffee drinker, and can’t say I have a clue what the roast specifications mean. 😂


Bloodwitch Paper Art

And here are the paper products! The bookmark is also FaeCrate, and has the same design as the scarf (and omg I LOVE THE SEA FOX DESIGN, I CAN’T SAY IT ENOUGH). As for the character cards of Ryber, Stix, Vaness, and Esme, they were made by Juliascrawl! I’m especially partial to Ryber’s card, but Vaness is a close second. Then again, I’m biased because I really love those two in the books!

Bloodwitch Pins and Necklace

And last but certainly not least, the pins and Painstone necklace! The sea fox and mountain bat pins were part of the Tor preorder plan that ended up being extended to the box, and the “weasels piss on you” (a most excellent Safi swear) pin was done by Lkdesign Studio! Meanwhile, the necklace was another FaeCrate-produced item, and I love the delicate gold braiding around the stone!

At this point, I need to get a tapestry or something to display my growing pin collection on, and I think the necklace will go unworn, but make an excellent decoration or bookstagram prop. It’s just a little big and bulky for my personal style, and I’m more of a fan of silver jewelry anyway.


On the whole, the box was so much fun to open up, and most of the items are things I’m going to come back to again and again (especially the cut scene with Stix that was also in the box, but isn’t pictured here, because 👀). However, I did already order a signed copy of Bloodwitch from Schuler Books, and that means it’s…



All you have to do is be following me on Twitter @wordsgremlin and RT my pinned tweet with the giveaway in it!

There will be two prizes! The first is the FaeCrate copy of Bloodwitch with the signed bookplate, as well as the Aeduan plushie and Mathew’s oh so fine Marstoki coffee! And the second prize will be a signed A Darkness Strange and Lovely poster (books not included, just paperweights for the aesthetic ✨)!

Please note this is US only because I can’t afford international shipping costs (I’m so sorry ☹️).

As long as you retweet and follow by 3/21 at 4:00 PM EST, you’ll be entered! Best of luck to all!



Well, that was a blast, but let’s chat! Did you get one of the Hangover Recovery Kits? Maybe not this one, but another one? Or do you just want to talk book boxes? No matter what, we should totally talk.

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  1. I love this! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get my hands on one, but i LOVE that tapestry! Thanks for sharing!

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