Top 5 Tuesday || Favorite Fictional Friendships

Top 5 Tuesday

I’ve been falling down on the job with T5T, but today, it’s back, and we’re looking at some of my favorite fictional friendships! The prompt is, as ever, courtesy of Shanah @ Bionic Bookworm Blog, and as ever, it’s a delightful one. ❤️

So, let’s get talking about fictional friends and JUST HOW GOOD THEY ARE.

Safi and Iseult from Susan Dennard’s Witchlands Series

Okay, these two have to top the list! I love how Safi and Iseult complement each other in every way, particularly when Iseult is not going to let Safi do the extremely dangerous, reckless plan…without her. They’re the best kind of ride or die besties, and I love their dynamic with my whole heart!


Zoey, Marion, and Val from Sawkill Girls by Claire Legrand

Sawkill Girls Cover

Okay, so technically there is some romance in here between Marion and Val, but this trio just blew me away. They go from strangers and enemies to being tied closer to one another than anyone else in the world, and the transition is done so wonderfully, and in the face of such horrifying odds. These three are really a testament to what girls can do when they choose to stick together.


Sydney, Mitch, and Dol from VE Schwab’s Villains Series

These three (four, if you squish Victor in there) are peak found family, and I love their dynamics. Mitch is basically Sydney’s chill uncle, Dol is the completely devoted massive dog who totally thinks he’s a lap dog, and Sydney is way too clever for her own good, but also scared and needs a hand. The friendship they share has a genuine warmth and realism to it that really grounds a series about people with superhuman and often scary powers!


Theta and Henry from The Diviners Series by Libba Bray

Brought together by their individual hardships, Theta and Henry make an unstoppable team. They’ve held each other up through it all, from escaping abuse to grappling with a loved one’s death, and of course that pesky ghost problem that their powers as Diviners force them to confront. Plus, they both have a knack for show biz and snark. They’re truly one of my friendship dream teams!


Sophie and Calcifer from Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones

Howl's Moving Castle Cover

Honestly, part of this being a favorite friendship of mine is shaped by the movie (I can hear Calcifer in my head right now: “She likes my spark!”), but all the same, I love it no matter what form it takes. Calcifer’s conniving nature meets its match in Sophie’s stubbornness, and these two are the definition of unstoppable force meets immovable object. When they’re at odds with each other, nothing gets done, but together, they’re a hell of a team!


And there you have it! Some of my absolute favorite fictional friends. But who would be on your list? We should be (you guessed it) friends and talk about it. Right? Right?

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  1. I totally agree with you on Sawkill Girls! It was just incredible how Claire Legrand made them turn from enemies to friends. And made it believable!

  2. Sophie and Calcifer are so underrated!!! I’m always here for a nice found family and girl solidarity, but they’d have to be my favorite of your list 😜 I also love the Marauders & Lily Evans (the friend group that gets detention together, stays together … or something like that, right?), and honestly pretty much any good team-up ever written, haha.

    1. They are!!! They’re unconventional, but that’s what makes them as delightful as they are! 😁

      A good team getting in trouble together is honestly so good all the time. Can’t have trouble without a group effort!

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