Weekly Wrap || April 6th

Weekly Wrap

Boy, has it been a WEEK. A WEEK, I TELL YOU. Nonstop, so much, and I’m still going at 110%!

Is this a plea for help? For someone to get me to just STOP AND BREATHE? Perhaps. But also THINGS ARE HAPPENING THAT ARE GOOD, SO MAYBE DON’T!

Life Beyond the Blog

So let’s make a list because otherwise I will ramble FOREVERRRRRR.

One: my last day at work was on Monday! This frees up my time to focus on my academics, which were beginning to hurt a little. I’m not too thrilled to lose my only income source right now, but I’d hate it if my grades in my final semester absolutely tanked because I was working and not studying. This semester is crucial, especially with my senior thesis in it.

Two: I got an extension on a paper! Little victories, but that extension means my 2,000 word paper is due this coming Monday rather than this past Wednesday. Truly a lifesaver, given some of the stuff affecting my mental health this weekend. Shoutout to my art history prof for being super understanding and chill about where things are at!

Three: UM, MY MOM BOUGHT ME A SHARK DRESS AS A GRAD GIFT? AND IT HAS POCKETS? Tbh, watch my Twitter for pictures because you know I’m wearing the hell out of that thing as soon as it arrives because SHARKS and POCKETS!! And it’s a super cute cut, so there’s that too!

Four: Caitlin Starling, author of The Luminous Dead, visited my campus yesterday to give a talk about her book and do some signing! Look for a recap next Friday, and in the meantime, totally get your sci-fi/horror hat on and get your hands on her book! While I haven’t had a chance to read it yet (CURSE YOU, HOMEWORK AND REFUSAL TO READ THIS SPOOKY BOOK DURING ANYTHING BUT DAYLIGHT HOURS), I have it on good word that it’s FANTASTIC. GO GET SCARED.

It occurs to me this section is now longer than my usual Beyond the Blog, all after trying not to ramble. OOPS. Moving on!


Posts This Week

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The Week Ahead


The paper extension leads me to Monday. I turn that in, and begin writing my senior thesis (lol, I have only a week to draft that, it’s gonna be WILD). Then, I have a string of reviews for you (did I read some stuff instead of writing papers? maybe a little), plus a recap of the Caitlin Starling event! And my dress is supposed to show up, and I expect to hear from the big scary program I applied to some time this week, and and and and and AAAAAAHHHH! 😵

I’ll survive it. I always do. But BOY is it SO MUCH. Wish me luck carving my way through all of this STUFF.


Anyways, I hope you’ve had as excellent a week as I have, if not better, and that your week ahead is farrrrr more relaxed than mine is looking. See you around!

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