Weekly Wrap || April 13th

Weekly Wrap

The pressure is building, my thesis is almost due, and…suddenly there’s a Saturday zoo trip?

Life Beyond the Blog

Oh yeah, things are SO MUCH right now. I ended up getting an extension for my thesis, which is a huge relief; some personal stuff has come up this week that has completely thrown me off balance. This includes, among other things I won’t detail, ants invading my apartment’s kitchen. Yes, it’s unpleasant. Very unpleasant. And I can’t wait for the ant traps the school maintenance crew gave us to work their magic.

Unless these ants are paying rent, I don’t want them.

I’m also going to spend most of today out and about! I’ve got family visiting (it’s admittedly a terrible time for it, what with all the work I have due soon), and it’s going to be nice to get off campus and take a big brain break from all the things stressing me out. It’s very possible we’re going to the zoo today, which is a nice little cherry on top! If that doesn’t work out, though, HTTYD 3 is still in nearby theaters, so it’s a win-win situation either way.


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The Week Ahead

STRESS AND PANIC. Basically, the coming week is no-nonsense, no-fun, get-shit-done central. I have to finish my thesis (and do it within the extension which I am SO GLAD I got), plus stay up to date on my daily homework, plus prep a presentation and start ANOTHER PAPER. You guys, I’m going to be swamped. Send good vibes and extra brain cells if you have any to spare, because nothing else is happening except all this.


Hopefully, your week is far less stressful and urgent than mine. See you around!

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