Monthly Wrap || April 2019

Monthly Wrap

And somehow, that’s a wrap on April! Anyone else surprised the end of the month is already here?

Life Beyond the Blog

School. My life is basically nothing but school, and it’s almost done with. I’m actually writing this at the start of my final week of classes ever (yes, it’s scary, forget I said that), and I have two presentations, two papers, and only a single test standing in the way of my freedom. I turned in my thesis about a week and a half ago, I narrowed down my research for the other two papers in the time since then, and I’m just trying to hang on through finals. And I’m hoping for a decision from the program that waitlisted me, AND I need to dig deeper into job searching, but hey. One thing at a time, I guess?

I also rediscovered the joys of painted nails, and even though it eats up time I really don’t have at the moment, there’s something very satisfying about having painted nails and having them all shiny and smooth and colorful. Especially when they match what I’m wearing for my presentations. Because I’m pretending I’m classy like that and MAN, what a confidence boost.

Ooh, and I took a zoo trip a couple weeks ago (it was a much needed brain break, and there were SHARKS!), AND I got back into Pokémon Mystery Dungeon which is honestly the worst time suck right now but I love the PMD games with my whole heart. Worth it.

(We’ll see in a couple weeks if my grades agree, lol.)


Books Read and Reviewed

I managed to read eight books this month, though it’ll be a while before you see reviews for some of them. This months books were The Hummingbird Dagger, King of Fools, Four Dead Queens, Keep This to Yourself, Blood Heir, CoralineEvery Heart a Doorway, and The Spirit Thief.

Of these eight, I’ve already got reviews up on the blog for the first four, will not be formally reviewing Blood Heir since I read the old ARC and it’s been given a new pub date (probably with major revisions) in November, won’t be reviewing Coraline since I read it for school, will review Every Heart a Doorway once I get my hands on the rest of the series, and will review The Spirit Thief in one big blast next week (oh no, that’s soon; suppose I should read the four sequels and the novella, shouldn’t I?)!


Next Month’s Reads

Obviously I’ll be tackling the rest of the Eli Monpress series so that The Spirit Thief doesn’t have to sit out all lonely next week! I’m also feeling ambitious, what with my college career coming to an end, so I have The Lost Coast, Priory of the Orange Tree, Alex Bracken’s Prince Alastor series, and The Near Witch on the table. That’s…oh, 10 books? No big deal. I hope. I think.

Honestly, if it gets overwhelming, I’ll just reschedule the order of a couple reviews, and everything will be okay again. No sweat!


My Top Three Posts

As always, I’ve got to share my three favorites with you guys!

Our Dark Duet Review

The Luminous Dead Tour Recap

Friday for Funsies || Bookish Royals


Favorites From Around the Blogging World

And now for the spotlight! The good stuff! The real reason we’re all here! These were the posts I really liked this month, ones that deserve more love even as we head into May.

CW and friends @ The Quiet Pond looked a little…different on April 1st…

Jess @ Crowing About Books shares some #ActuallyAutistic books for Autism Pride!

Jenn @ Jenniely shares some tips and tricks for requesting ARCs!

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Roxanne @ An Average Life talks about how the order we read books in can affect the ratings we give!

Kaleena @ Reader Voracious shares why she’s done away with star ratings altogether!


There you have it! April all wrapped up, and the slate wiped nice and clean for May! I hope your month has been less…time-sensitive than mine, and that the month ahead has all kinds of wonderful surprises in store! See you around!

0 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap || April 2019

  1. I swear 2019 is just flying by, how have 4 months already finished????

    you’re getting so close to being done with school, yay!! I’m stressing over finals and what exactly I’m doing with myself this summer, though the second one can kinda wait until exams are over 😅 it’s awesome that you’ve found bright spots/destressors like painted nails and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon!

    I adore Every Heart a Doorway and I’ve been meaning to read Four Dead Queens and Eli Monpress, so I’ll be looking forward to your reviews! *waddles off to look for FDQ review* oh but before I go – I hope you get through and enjoy all 10 planned reads for May, and that you have an awesome month overall!

    1. I wish I knew! There’s some kind of time-related witchcraft going on…

      Best of luck to you!! Finals and summer stuff can be stressful, I totally get it. I hope you find some bright spots just like I have, though! 😁

      EHAD WAS SO GOOD OMG I can’t wait to read the others!! And I have mixed feelings on 4DQ, but so far, Eli Monpress has been a TREAT, and I’ve only finished the first one. 😂

      Thank you so much, Isabelle! ❤️

  2. Good luck with the last two weeks of school!! I have FDQ sitting on my books staring at me… I will read it soon!! And I need to finish Ace of Shades too 🙈

  3. 10 books next month! You got this 😁 I may have to pop along and check out this Bracken series too.
    Thankyou so much for linking me in, so kind of you 😊 Good luck with school

    1. Here’s hoping I do, haha! But thank you! And yes, please do! I’m angling to read and review them by the end of next week or so!

      You’re welcome, too. 😊 I love sharing people’s posts at the end of the month.

  4. I am honestly still baffled that we are more than a quarter of the way through 2019, what is this sorcery!?!?! I hope the end of school went well!

    Thank you again for inadvertently recommending Keep This To Yourself to me because wow, I still think about it. My review is going up on Sunday, I think. Also thanks for linking to my discussion post!!!! xoxox

    1. A WHOLE QUARTER. It’s so much and I’m still processing. 😖 But yes, school did finish out well, so yay for that!

      Oh, you’re welcome! I’m so so glad that you enjoyed it so much! 😁 I’ll be waiting for that review. And yes, of course, no problem!

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