Weekly Wrap || May 4th

Weekly Wrap

It’s official (setting finals and two papers aside lol): I am done with college classes as of THIS WEEK.

It’s a big deal, and I’m kinda freaking out trying to process it!

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It’s weird to think that this is it. I don’t have plans to go to grad school, and with the exception of the program I’m still waiting to hear back from, I won’t be taking any more classes. I have made it from preschool to senior year of college. I have DONE IT.

I feel like I should be able to use at least half of the grace period on my student loans taking a nap to ease the emotional toil of the last seventeen years, but alas, I actually have to find a job instead. And make actually money (though that part would be nice tbh; gotta fund my book problems, after all).

On top of that, I have the nicest purple nails now (the joys of nail polish are real, folks, and there’s no escape), and still have a ton of those mini chocolate eggs from Easter, the ones with the robin’s egg style sugar shell. No, I will not share them. Yes, if you want some, you have to pry them out of my cold dead hands.


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The Week Ahead

It’s finals, really. One sit down exam, and two papers. They’re all spread out, so I’m not trying to cram too much into a single day, and I’m really not too worried about any of them. I’ve got a strong finish right in my sights, and it’s totally going to be okay!

That said, if you see me on social media and I can’t tell you that I’m 100% finished with those papers, YELL AT ME TO GO FINISH. HOLD ME ACCOUNTABLE.

The trouble with the finish line that close is that I am also guilty of extreme senioritis. Gotta stay on task even though it’s the wooooooooorst. 😩


And that’s it for the week! Nothing unexpected, but definitely some exciting finish line moments, with more on their way for sure… And hey, hopefully you’ve had a good week, too! I’ll see you all around.

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