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Weekly Wrap || May 11th

Weekly Wrap

It’s here. At least, IT’S HERE.

What’s here, you ask? Well, only the most important week ever, so important I have to put it under a cut to give it the suspense it deserves…

Life Beyond the Blog


Exams are over, and for the next week, my campus is nothing but seniors with no responsibilities and all the time in the world on our hands! We don’t actually graduate until next Saturday, so in the meantime, we get to celebrate, catch up with friends we didn’t see while we were buried in our theses, and just generally chill out. No more tests, no more papers, only sleeping in, movie nights, baked goods, and the knowledge that we are DONE.

I’m admittedly a little scared, since my post-grad plans are still in limbo, but I’m so relieved to finally be free. Academia was never quite right for me in the ways that counted most, so this is a huge weight off my shoulders. I feel relaxed for the first time in a long while, I have time to read and write, and I have things to look forward to beyond just another paper due date! Plus I can spend more time blogging, and more time playing video games. All around, it’s an excellent deal.

Beyond that, though, nothing much is happening, and after the intense semester I’ve had, “nothing much” are the two sweetest words in the English language. 😊


Posts This Week

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The Week Ahead

Like I said, nothing much! I’ll be spending most of my time reading, writing, or catching up with friends before we scatter along our separate paths. I am planning a couple movie nights, and hopefully one of those movie nights includes Detective Pikachu (which I am ABSURDLY EXCITED FOR OMG), but I’m in no rush for anything except staying in touch with people I’m not going to see as often anymore. That’s the most important thing, and everything else is drifting by around it in the most comfortably lazy way. Maybe it’s not the most interesting thing to say about my week ahead, but it does make me happy, so so be it.


Hopefully your week has been as good as mine, and fingers crossed next week is even better! I’ll see you around the blogging sphere a little more often in the weeks ahead, I think!

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  1. Life after academics is nerve-wracking. However, freedom is yours. Finding work is the thing that will discourage you, but don’t let it get you down if you have to, relocate!

      1. I found that there are also a lot of companies that do work at home. However, if you are doing research, your work would take you to labs and offices. So, hospitals and universities.

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