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Weekly Wrap || May 18th

Weekly Wrap

If you’re reading this post around the time it goes live, chances are strong I am standing on a stage or sitting right in front of it, about to get my degree.

It’s been a wild ride to get here.

Life Beyond the Blog

This week has been busy, but not the same sort of busy that’s monopolized my time the last few months. Instead, it’s been all catching up with friends, spending time together at meals, watching movies in the evenings, playing D&D together, and just generally getting the most out of the little time we have had left all in the same place. We’re going to scatter soon, and while we’ll stay in touch, it’s going to be a very long time, I think, before we’re all in the same place again.

I’ve also been squeezing in time to read and write and play video games. Essentially, all the fun parts of self care that have fallen somewhat by the wayside as I’ve struggled to keep myself balanced in finishing these last few months of school. I’ve finished six books or so since I turned in my last assignment, and found the time to write a few thousand words. A few thousand! They’re just for fun, on little projects and some fanfic, but it feels so good to be back at it again.

Essentially, non-blogging life has been peaceful this week, and a little bittersweet in the best ways as I got my cap and gown, rehearsed for commencement, and packed up my room at college for the last time.

On the truly tragic side of things, though, I still have not seen Detective Pikachu and you bet I’m going to see that by the end of next week, so help me. A girl has priorities, you know. Pikachu high among them.


Posts This Week

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The Week Ahead

I have about four days to relax, and then it’s back into the rat race again. Kind of. I mean, I have to job hunt, and I am going to go see a movie, but the most important thing of all is that I’ll be going on vacation next Wednesday, and I’ll be a little sparse until the following week. It’s a fun mystery destination, at least for you guys; I certainly know where I’m going, but I’m just going to keep that under wraps until I’m back and have fun photos and stories to share. πŸ˜‰

But that vacation is going to take up most of my week, with little room for reading or writing or blog browsing, but plenty for being a tourist and spending quality time with a friend. It’s also going to involve my first ever flight, so I’m working up the courage for that lol. But hey, it’ll be a blast, and I’m excited, and that’s what counts, right?


I hope you’re all having an excellent week, and that next week is as good to you as I’m hoping it’s going to be for me. I’ll see you around!

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